Windows 10 V1803: Install issues with update KB4284835

Windows Update[German]It seems that some users worldwide are running into install issues with cumulative update KB4284835 for Windows 10 V1803. Here is an overview of what I have found so far.


Cumulative update KB4284835 rolled out on June 12, 2018 for Windows 10 April Update (V1803) fixes a number of issues. Among other things, it contains patches against the spectre vulnerability. I've described the details in my blog post Patchday: Windows 10 updates June 12, 2018. The 'Know issues' officially admitted by Microsoft at SMBv1 and Edge are also listed there.

Update KB4284835 is causing an endless install loop

The first message about an installation problem reached me in the morning after the update was released. On my system the installation went through, but blog reader Karl wrote:

Hello Günter, have you heard about installation loops caused by KB4284835?

Install and Shutdown will be displayed,but the update will not be installed. After startup the update will be installed again.

A quick research at this time did not give me any results. At reddit is this thread with a similar statement. Yesterday I received another feedback from Karl:

Hello Günter, got it solved and was probably a single point of failure with me. The Windows Troubleshooter of Windows 10 has fixed it.

That was, what I would have recommended to try in a first step.

WiFi adapter may cause install issue

Within this MS Answers forum thread also an install loop is mentioned. There is a hint, that an Anatel Wi-Fi network card may be the root cause for install loops. So try to remove the network card and repeat the update install via a manually downloaded update package.


More issues found within the internet

Meanwhile I came across several articles like this one, which deals with installation problems with the cumulative update KB4284835 for Windows 10 V1803.

Install error 0x800f0900

At Microsoft Answers I found this thread (where we may forget the recommendation of the 'experts', except the suggestions to use the update troubleshooter and reset the update store).

Error code 0x800f0900 stands for CBS_E_XML_PARSER_FAILURE. An error occurred while parsing the Component-Based Servicing store (CBS). This means that simply broken update files are found. Normally, running the update troubleshooter and reset the update store should help. Checking the system for corrupted files according to my blog post Check and repair Windows system files and component store might also help.

In the MS-Answers forum post referenced above, however, these measures did not continue – damaged files were probably detected, but DISM could not completely restore the CBS content. If external virus scanners may be excluded as a root cause, I suspect that the damage has something to do with SSDs.

In most cases, a clean install of Windows 10 is required, to fix this install issues. If Media Creation Tool fails to downloading the installation image, you can follow the tips in my article Tip: Windows 10 ISO direct download from MS via Chrome.

BSOD and other issues

At I found this thread, where somebody observed a blue screen during install. But the discussion of this issue isn't that deep. There is also an 2nd post claiming that the update has killed the system during install. But no more details yet. So both posts are not too helpful. A post in Microsoft Answers forum reports an install loop, but didn't provide details. In this MS Answers forum thread, the update installation causes a reboot that ends with a black screen and shutdown – the root cause is unknown. Are you experiencing problems installing update KB4284835? Are causes and solutions known?

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  1. liar says:

    In my case (infinite loop: install – reboot – revert – reinstall – reboot – revert…) the problem was related to my "deactivation" of Edge. The solution was to "reactivate" it, run the update, re-deactivate Edge.

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