Windows 10 V1803 detects internal SATA drives as removable

[German]Today a short information about a bug in Windows 10 V1803, preventing disk management to recognize internal SATA drives in a proper way. The interna SATA drives are detected in disk management as removal drives.


German blog reader Michael T. already contacted me via e-mail a couple of weeks ago (thanks for that), and pointed to a bug, that became known in 2015, and is also present Windows 10 version 1803. He writes:

By chance I noticed an older bug from the year 2015 in the new version 1803. 

It is about the following: a new 3.5" HDD from WD was bought and installed.

Windows recognized the hard disk, but could not do anything with it. The volume management from disk management showed it as marked, as online but I could not format that media. 

It allegedly had a 2 TB GPT partition and just under 1.9 TB of unused storage. Deleting the GPT or creating a new volume was not possible.

Via disk part I could see that the disk had no partition occupied and was completely empty. So I created and formatted a new primary partition. Then the HDD was ready and usable!

(Click to zoom)

The screenshot above shows the partitioning of the disk in Disk Management. With diskpart you can get at a hard disk to work in cases the disk management fails. Then Michael writes the following about the actual bug:

Now let's come to the bug: [the internal SATA hard disk] is recognized as an ejectable, external HDD!

Eject disk

Michael mentioned the Microsoft kb article Internal SATA Drives show up as removeable media from September 2015, that addresses this issue. Microsoft provides a workaround, adding a parameter to the registry key:



The Reg_SZ value TreatAsInternalPort has to be set to the drives bus numer. Details may be read at Microsoft's kb article KB3083627.

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