Firefox Addon Stylish is back ….

Mozilla[German]Dead ones live longer. The Stylish addon, with which you can give websites their own style, is back for Firefox. Great development, here's some background information you need to know. 


I just blogged yesterday about a recommendation of the Mozilla developers for the addon Web Security, that grabs personal data from a surfing Firefox user (see Firefox addon Web Security transfers private data). And now comes already the next Scrappy around the corner. Vess (@VessOnSecurity) metntions it briefly on Twitter

The addon Stylish has been back in the Mozilla's addon repository. What you should know: This extension was noticed some time ago as a user data collector and has been banned a year ago from Mozilla's addon repository. I had covers this within my blog post Browser Add-On Stylish for Chrome/Firefox banned. And now the Goodie for Firefox is back – isn't it ridiculous?

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