Windows 10: Microsoft Account need to be fixed

[German]Users of Windows 10 systems may run into a stupid problem. Windows 10 often requires to have to fix the Microsoft account. Here are a few hints.


Error description

Windows 10 suddenly detects an problem with the Microsoft account an reports “You need to fix your Microsoft account”. Then a fix (automatic repair) via the settings app is suggested. This fix is successful in most times.

I have had this occasionally on my Windows 10 test machines where Windows Insider previews are tested. But what’s the reason for this message on normal Windows 10 systems?

Antivirus software as a root cause

If you search the Internet for the error term, there are a lot of hits (see here, here, or here), so this issue isn’t so rare.

“You need to fix your Microsoft account” message

However, there are probably different reasons for the repair (password changed etc.). In some threads, the suspicion that third-party components such as antivirus software might be involved in cross-reading is also raised.

Another case

Recently I found this German Microsoft Answers forum post. The user wrote:


when I log on to my computer, I sometimes get the following message:

Microsoft account problem

Your Microsoft account must be repaired before you can share it. 

Select this message to resolve the problem in the settings.

When I click on the message, “Settings > System > Sharing” opens and I have to enter my Windows password (although I am already logged on to the computer).

This seems to be a different cause, because there is no Windows Insider-Build mentioned.

Another reason: Network name changed

Within the MS Answers forum thread another cause for the request to fix the Microsoft account has been mentions. If the administrator changes the network name used by the Windows 10 client to enter a (workgroup) network, this triggers the “You need to fix your Microsoft account” message. Windows 10 will then attempt to repair the account. One of the affected users wrote:

I was able to track the error down to the root cause and now know that the problem occurs when renaming the computer (Settings > System > Info > Rename PC).

As soon as you have renamed the computer, this problem appears.

Maybe it will help you if this message occurs. But you can’t disable this message to fix the Microsoft account (it’s only possible to disable toast notifications, see here).

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