Windows 10 Version 1803: Sysprep bug and a workaround

[German]A brief information for administrators in corporate environments who prepare Windows 10 V1803 installation images for enrollment in the company with Sysprep. In Windows 10 V1803 there is an issue that Sysprep does not run with the automatic response file within the created user account. A workaround is available. Addendum: And it's not a bug, CopyProfile is deprecreated.


Microsoft's Ask Core-Team Japan from Technology Support has addressed this topic recently within the article (deleted).

The issue

If you prepare an installation image of Windows 10, the last step is the generalization with the program Sysprep. This ensures that the version installed from the image then gets its own SIDs for the user IDs etc. and the OOBE (Out of the Box Experience) is run during installation.

Microsoft Japan has received many customer feedback that if Sysprep is using a response file with CopyProfile enabled, Sysprep processing will not complete properly. This applies to deployment in Windows 10 version 1803.

However, this problem only occurs in Windows 10 version 1803 if Sysprep runs on the user account that was created during the clean installation. You can avoid this by running Sysprep under the built-in administrator account.

Microsoft's workaround

The  Ask Core team from Microsoft Japan from Technology Support has suggested the following workaround to work around the problem.


1. Enable the built-in administrator from the user account created during the installation of the operating system.

2. Log out of the user account and log in with the Built-in Administrator activated.

3. Delete the user account and user profile created during the clean installation.

To delete the user profile, proceed as follows:

1. Open the Control Panel and select the relevant user account (under User Accounts – Manage Other Account).

2. Delete the user account in question using the button provided.

This step also deletes the customization information saved by the user. Therefore, you must make the adjustments in the built-in administrator account again.

3. Run Sysprep from the response file with CopyProfile enabled in the Built-in Administrator.

Perhaps it will help some of those affected – details can be found in the (deleted) in case of doubt.

Addendum: CopyProfile is deprecated

Mark Heitbrink pointed out, that CopyProfile for Start menu is quoted as deprecated. The Technet article from March 2018 may be found here.

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  1. Hymdohl says:

    Thank yoU! This fixed my issue – I had a lot of disassociated apps after sysprep with win 10 1803. I removed the user I created at first login and then sysprep worked! thank you!

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