CCleaner V 5.46 with improved data settings

[German]Another brief information about CCleaner. Piriform has released a new CCleaner version 5.46. This releases should improved data settings. I received the information yesterday by press release. Here is some information.


Some background

Piriform, which was acquired in 2017 by Security provider AVAST, has released CCleaner version 5.45 a few weeks ago. This version came with massive telemetry data acquisition capabilities (see AVAST CCleaner 5.45 and the telemetry thing). This version led to a huge shit storm among users. At the beginning of August 2018 Piriform decided to completely withdraw version 5.45 of the CCleaner (see CCleaner 5.45 pulled and other peculiarities).

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CCleaner version 5.46 should do it even better

After the complete revision the CCleaner has now been released in version 5.46. In a press release I reived, they write:

Piriform Software Ltd. launches V 5.46, a revised version of CCleaner. The software cleans and optimizes computers worldwide and runs PCs at peak performance. In the version now published, the data settings in particular have been revised.

Piriform has published a new information sheet to help CCleaner users better understand how the software works, privacy settings options, what data is transferred and why this is necessary. The CCleaner product collects anonymous data without personal information for statistical analysis.

The current version separates the transmission of anonymous usage data introduced in version 5.45 from the monitoring feature controlled by th e'Active Monitoring' checkbox. Now a separate control for the reporting of anonymous data has been introduced in the form of a 'Privacy' tab, which users can also switch off at any time.

In the current version, the monitoring feature, which monitors the junk level of a device to initiate automatic cleaning and notifications of the user, has been renamed to "Smart Cleaning". Smart Cleaning's options are now more specifically explained, making it easier for the user to choose between the available options.

If the user deactivates Smart Cleaning, CCleaner shuts down the background processes of CCleaner, even if the program is closed and restarted. These functions can only be restarted when the user activates them again.

Sounds good? I have shortened the rest of the press releases.

Closing remarks

From the above press I learned that CCleaner has been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide (since Piriform was founded in 2004, I guess) and has about 80 million active users. CCleaner is installed more than 23 million times a month. This is a mature performance for a software that no user actually needs.


Within the press release they wrote a lot of privacy and what they have changed to keep the user's data private. But let's see, what others say. Beta News wrote within this article:

Today, Avast rolls out a new update to CCleaner which adds a number of privacy settings, and sees certain monitoring features being renamed. Avast also takes the opportunity to once again try to install its antivirus software on your PC. Yes, seriously.

Within my blog post CCleaner 5.45 pulled and other peculiarities I 've mentioned some more peculiarities to this software. As a Windows user, I would rather avoid such a thing. The following tweet nails it down to the point:

And to the nice 'we'll do everything differently' words from the above press release, I add the following tweet.

Now it's up to you to decide what to do with CCleaner.

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