Dell: New BIOS is causing Bitlocker issues

[German]Just a brief note for owners of Dell devices using Bitlocker under Windows. Dell has released a BIOS update that can cause issues with Bitlocker encryption. 


A few days ago, I became aware of this from a tweet, @PhantomofMobile has published. 

More Details

Within the Dell community there is this thread with more details. After updating the BIOS, a user noticed that his Dell XPS 9365 was asking for a recovery password for his Bitlocker drive. Bitlocker was never activated on this laptop. The user can no longer access his computer.

He tried to use the command prompt to either disable or stop Bitlocker. But of course it also needed the recovery key. The whole thing is not an isolated case, within this Dell forum thread there are 6 pages already discussing this behavior. And other users also report as affected.

Some workarounds?

Within this post someone describes how he fixed this issue – I don’t know, if this works. Within the threads linked above it looks more like it won’t work and Dell and Microsoft blame each other.


Another user describes here two workarounds, he used successful for two devices. I can’t say whether this works in general. And in another post, a user describes that he could retrieve the recovery key from the Microsoft Azure Portal with the help of Microsoft support, although he never used Bitlocker.

At all it seems not very transparent. Currently I can only advise to avoid a BIOS update until the whole thing is cleared up by Dell. Any of you affected? Is there any other known working solution?


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