CCleaner 5.49 released

[German]Another short information for CCleaner users, since I know that some of my blog readers are interested. Piriform has released CCleaner 5.49 of the free Windows cleaning and optimization tool.


CCleaner is a free tool to clean up Windows – Wikipedia writes here about 'optimization'. Some hints on what is 'cleaned and optimized' can be found at Askvg. I would quote CCleaner as a kind of snake oil (not really necessary). Nevertheless, Piriform has announced an update within a tweet.

What's new in CCleaner 5.49?

Piriform writes within the release notes that in this version the 'cleaning' of Windows Log and Firefox has been improved. In version 5.48 it was claimed to have improved the 'cleaning' of the Edge browser. Specifically, the Piriform developers promise the following improvements in Windows and browser cleaning – whatever that means. 

  • Add and improve the cleanup in the Common Language Runtime (CLR) folders. CLR is the runtime environment of the .NET framework – but the Piriform developers owe exactly what is cleaned up there. 
  • The cleanup of the temporary folders of the Windows Error Reporting function has been extended according to Piriform. Unfortunately, there are no details here either, so that it is not possible to judge whether and how useful the whole thing is.
  • The developers also write about fixing some Firefox cleaning rules, which led to corrupted profiles for some users.

Summarized: In the first two points the Piriform developers owe the answer to the details. So I don't think it's possible to say whether the cleanup features make sense at all. 

The third item reveals an interesting insight. Because my argument so far has always been: Don't used the CCleaner, because it can do more damage than it helps. Now the developers admitted, that older versions causing damages to Firefox.


Furthermore Piriform lists smaller, but not more specified, bug fixes in the changelog. And they claim to have made minor improvements to the user interface.

CCleaner Free may be downloaded here. CCleaner Professional will be updated automatically. CCleaner 5.49 supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

At this point again my warning: I generally advise against using the tool. Actually these 'cleanups' are superfluous – Windows can do a lot too. In addition, there is always the danger that something will break. Piriform and CCleaner have also attracted attention in the past through a series of unpleasant stories. You can read the details in the following linked articles. So nobody can claim that I didn't warn them.

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  1. EP says:


    CCleaner 5.50 came out few days ago as mentioned on the site:

    I've skipped the 5.49 version and may update to the 5.50 release

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