German District Hospital: IT systems grounded by a virus

German District Hospital Fürstenfeldbruck (in Bavaria) has been offline for more than a week with it's computer systems, due to a virus infection.


Firt reports came from German news paper Merkur last Wednesday in this article. According to the report, all computers, including the associated servers, had to be shut down because of the virus infection. The hospital has been working for days (the first report came on November 14, 2018 states that 'electronic data processing in the hospital has been completely paralyzed for a week').

It is little is known about the exact cause of the infestation. It is suspected that an(infected) e-mail attachment was opened by a clinic employee. (I got a comment from a German blog reader, that it probably is something written in Powershell, that came with a customized bill as an attachment – but this is unproven.)

The first computer seems to have failed 'around noon' on Thursday, November 8, 2018. Then more and more users come forward, whose computers automatically shut down and started up again. The IT department then shut down the entire computer technology (about 450 clients).

Alfons Groitl, head of the clinic, informed the news magazine Merkur that the clinic had been deregistered from the integrated rescue control centre. Emergencies will therefore be diverted to other clinics. The hospital itself works in emergency mode, which requires no computer.

The first computers (around 450 computers are in use at the hospital) were put into operation on Wednesday, 14 November 2018. The infection was probably caused by a Trojan. Whether it was Ransomware is unknown.


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