#FacebookDown: Worldwide issues

Currently it seems that Facebook (and its services like Instagram) are being disturbed worldwide. According to various reports, Twitter is probably also affected, although I can't see any issue at the moment.


But on Facebook I noticed the last weeks that the functions of the page are 'tough' when posting posts. I thought 'if they didn't pay the electricity bill and now get the data centers shut down'. Today it was suddenly especially bad – whenever I wanted to link an article in a post, it took forever until the preview came. Often errors were reported and I had to post several times. So I posted a short question on Facebook and within a short time I had a lot of answers with confirmations.

The Facebook-Down-Detector shows  an accumulation of malfunction reports for several hours. Facebook has now posted a status message here. 

We are currently experiencing issues that may cause some API requests to take longer or fail unexpectedly. We are investigating the issue and working on a resolution.

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