Bing says VLC player site is malicious

[German]Microsoft's search engine Bing is probably in a clinch with the Videolan website where the VLC player is hosted. The website is classified as 'dangerous'. Addendum: This fals warning has been fixed.


I was surprised when I came across the information here. So I tried it myself, called and searched for the VLC player. When I then pointed to the link of the page, there was a bold warning that the page could be dangerous.

Bing-Warnung vor der VLC-Player-Seite
(Zum vergrößern klicken)

It can probably only be a false alarm, the makers of the VLC player (Videolan) have already reacted to Twitter.

According to their statement, the program file is unmodified, i.e. it cannot be infected. Something must have gone wrong with Microsoft. has more on this issue.


Addendum: In a status page Bing flags vlc player now as safe – thanks to techdowns for this tweet with the status update.

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