Microsoft 365 is coming for consumers

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella indicated last week in an interview with journalists that Microsoft 365 will also be available for consumers (i.e. outside corporate environments).


Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365 for corporate environments in mid-2017. It is a subscription based model in which companies can rent Windows 10, the Office 365 portfolio and Enterprise Mobility + Security (a collection of functions equipped with identity and device management tools) for their employees. 

The rumor that Microsoft is planning a Microsoft 365 product has been around for quite some time. In an interview with CNBC, Mr. Satya Nadella announced Microsoft's plans. According to Nadella, Microsoft is carefully tracking the number of devices running Windows 10 and the number of people who have subscribed to Office 365. According to Nadella, it is conceivable that one or both of them could be part of Microsoft 365, which is aimed at end users.

But Mr. Nadella didn't want to reveal any further details. Neither was there a release date, nor were there any details about the products included in Microsoft 365 or even a price for the subscription. Would you would rent Microsoft 365 on a monthly basis?

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