Does HP blocks 3rd party ink cartridges again on its printers (Jan. 2019)?

[German]Just a question to users of HP ink jet printers. There are signs, that HP again blocks third party ink cartridges on its ink jet printers (Office printers) since January 2019. The aim of this blog post is to find out whether there are any potential victims.


The 'incident' in 2016

In September 2016 it became public, that HP has begun to block third-party ink cartridges with a firmware update. HP had distributed a firmware update for various ink jet office printers on March 12, 2016. From 13 September 2016, the time bomb within the firmware became active. From that point on, third-party ink cartridges were no longer accepted on certain HP ink jet printer models. Those using third-party ink cartridges or refillable ink cartridges received an error message. The printer driver reports that the ink cartridge is faulty or damaged. Anyone using new third-party ink cartridges also received this error message.

I've blogged about that within my blog post HP printer firmware disables refill ink cartridges and other articles (see the links at the article's end). The case created a slash back on HP. They was forced to release an update that overrides the 'protection mechanism'. Had reported about that within my post HP: New printer firmware re-enables refill ink cartridges.

Also the site Motherboard has published the article Printer Makers Are Crippling Cheap Ink Cartridges Via Bogus 'Security Updates' in October 2018.

New signs in 2017 and 2018

In September 2017 I received feedback from a few users, reporting, that the 3rd party ink cartridge disaster came up again. But I wasn't able to verify that it was a firmware update – maybe, an old firmware was accidentally rolled out to some printers.

Then in September 2018 I've published the blog post Is a HP Firmware Update blocking again Third Party Ink Cartridges?, because there has been similar signs, that another 'blocking' was active. But it seems, that this wasn't a broader issue.

New feedback in January 2019

Now, on January 19, 2019 I suddenly received two independent comments, mentions the HP 3rd party ink cartridge issue. German blog-reader Andreas left a comment about his case. He is facing the situation, that his HP ink jet printer isn't able to use 3rd party ink cartridges – but he found a source, where he was able to buy cheap original HP ink cartridges 'whose expiration date has expired'. He intends to test these ink cartridges with his HP ink jet printer.


Andreas mentioned also two things. One, that he read about a case, that original HP ink jet cartridges refuse to work, if the expiration date is reached. I searched the internet and came across this German article (here is the English article) which says:

HP is blocking its own (HP no 302 and no 304) ink cartridges (some lots) for Deskjet, Envy and Officejet. There is a German support document from HP saying: Print cartridges manufactured before April 2017 may not be compatible with HP DeskJet 2600, HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2600, 5000, and 5200, HP Envy 5000, and HP OfficeJet 5200 series printers manufactured after May 1, 2018 (depending on the model of print cartridge used, see below for more information).

And Andreas found the article How to downgrade firmware on HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 to allow using old or refilled cartridges – UPDATE (HP official fw fix) on Land of Brozkeff with some explanation, how to downgrade a firmware that blocks 3rd party ink cartridges.

And I received this English comment from blog reader Wallace who has two HP 8600 Pro Printers and offered me to use one of this printer as a guinea pig. I interpret this comment as 'there is something with blocked 3rd party ink cartridges on HP printers raising in January 2019'. Therefor I like to ask: Are there other victims observing a failure on HP ink jet printers refusing older HP ink cartridges or 3rd party ink cartridges?

New case in Nov. 2020, also laser printers affected

Addendum: We have a new case in Nov. 2020, where HP also bricks laser jet printers, see my HP firmware update for ink/laser printers blocks third-party cartridges (Nov. 2020) and the comments below.

Addendum 2: See my article Hints for HP Printer Firmware Downgrade

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126 Responses to Does HP blocks 3rd party ink cartridges again on its printers (Jan. 2019)?

  1. Raphael says:

    I think I may be such a victim.

    I bought 3rd party ink cartridges for my HP 8720 back in December (an Ikong set of four 952XL (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black)). At the time, I only needed yellow, so I replaced it and it worked fine. Yesterday, my magenta ran out, so I tried to replace it and got a "Remove and reinstall the indicated cartridge, making sure it is correctly installed. If this message continues to appear, replace the indicated cartridge" message. I then tested the Cyan and Black and got the same message.

    Although I didn't actively update my firmware, I remember one morning when the printer had a message saying that it had updated itself. So now I'm stuck with no magenta.

    I contacted Ikong and they wrote back that the reason for the malfunction is the firmware update (they called it "[a] market attack [on] the compatible ink cartridge (third-party ink sellers)") and that they don't yet have new cartridges to work with the new firmware. They offered a refund instead, which is nice of them.

    Is there anything I can do, except buy original HP cartridges as cutthroat prices?

    • Dana says:

      Just happened to me! I took out the cheaper cartridge which worked fine and replaced it with a new one of the same brand and it didn't work. Tried a 2nd one and same response.

      How can I fix this? I refuse to buy genuine hp ink.

  2. Bob Neely says:

    I'm being told by Costco that my cartridges (HP952 B,C,M & Y) are no longer refillable due to a recent firmware download by HP.


  3. Olaf says:

    HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 with Firmware: EDWINXPP1N002.1912A.00 blocks 3rd party ink.
    This version is newer than 1849A available on HP´s website. Installing the older one is prevented.
    Kind regards

    • EP says:

      firmware version 1912A is available on HP's web site instead of 1849A as I recently checked the Officejet pro 7740 downloads page myself.

      also note that recent models of HP printers automatically download & install firmware updates without any user input, including new firmware that may block 3rd party inks. if you don't want your HP printers to be updating themselves, disable or turn off automatic software updates on the printer's control panel on the printers themselves to prevent them from silently updating their firmware

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  5. JJL says:

    Shame on HP.
    My 7740 updated itself to the last firmware (April 2019) and starting from that moment all the compatible inks I was completely satisfied with stopped working. I was forced to buy a new Epson in order to replace my 7740 that became useless (160€ per set of original cartridges).
    If this is not enough, notice that I tried to reset the 7740, with the result that the printer does not conclude its setup without original cartridges (Stuck at setup). At all, now, without these originals my printer is broken (I'm forced to buy at least a set of originals in order to not throw the printer in the garbage and wait for a firmware downgrade). For sure I'll never buy an HP product again in my life. I was damaged for 350$ with this update.

  6. JJL says:

    If anybody will find a way to downgrade a 7740, please drop me a line.

    • Bruno Curado says:

      for me too!

      • Gary says:

        The next time I have a bond Fire Guess what WILL happen!

      • jaie cutler says:

        Smart Ink sells amazing aftermarket ink for HP Printers, they provided me with a link to downgrade my drivers when my HP 6978 was having issues accepting Smart Ink cartriges. Worked like a charm. The cartridges I buy last literally 10x's longer than HP at 1/3 the price. In Dec 2021 I bought 2 xl 4 paks of ink. Only now am I running low, I've ordered 2 more xl 4pks and the cost was $66. You can find them online, their customer service is also incredible. I didn't have to wait days for help.

        • Jay says:

          and Smart Ink is in Ukraine. Even when Keiv was being bombed the Smart Ink staff was at work there, assisting customers as though the customers issues were their most important priority. I have great respect for Smart Ink and their selfless staff members.

  7. Patricia Phillips says:

    My HP 8720 will no longer use 3rd party cartridges. I disabled the HP Update in Control Panel and now, it does not print at all, even with HP cartridges. 123 Inkjets is giving me a refund, but so far, they do not have a new cartridge that bypasses this. Office Depots advised that they are launching a Class Action Lawsuit, if anybody wants to get in on this. My printer is now useless. No more HP's for me, but what a shame. This is what happens when a company gets greedy. Not even sure what to purchase next. Any ideas?

    • Nolan says:

      if you have any news please let me know. I bought the 8740 because it has a reasonable printing capability when you bought 3rd party cartridges… something like 70 dollars for the whole set of XL cartridges which lasts a bit… however I have tried Calidad ink cartridges 3 times and they have informed me that the April update basically killed my printer unless I spend 250 on a set of HP ink.

  8. Mike Dennison says:

    I have an HP OfficeJet Pro 6970 printer, which I have had since July 2017. I have used 3rd party cartridges in it for most of that time – with no issues whatsoever.

    I stupidly clicked OK to upgrade the firmware a couple of weeks ago and since then it won't work with non-HP cartridges. I had non-HP cartridges installed and the printer warned me that black was low. As soon as I inserted a new cartridge it complained of a faulty cartridge. I have tried cartridges from 2 different suppliers with no joy.

    After wasting ages on line, I finally rang the HP UK support line and they confirm that there is no way to downgrade the firmware and they won't do anything at all as I am not using HP cartridges.

    That's the last HP equipment I am buying!

  9. JJL says:

    UPDATE, I had to buy a 120€ full original set of cartridges in order to let the printer start working again.
    Help is welcome. Drop me a message for a possible solution to this shame.

  10. MLD says:

    Also my HP officejet pro 8600 plus doesn't work anymore since I use not original hp ink cartridges. Until may I didn't have any problem to use the cheaper copies.
    I think it is really bad from HP to treat customers like that. Epson has alternativ printers, which use large inktank, maybe this will be the right time to change the printer…

  11. Roma Payne says:

    I too am a victim of the HP update. I have purchased HP products for decades… no more. I print a LOT of handouts for seminars so I have always kept several back-up refilled cartridges on hand. Costco did refund the cost of all my refills and allowed me to keep the useless cartridges. I purchased an Epson printer. I still had useable HP cartridges in the printer, when they ran out I carefully lifted the HP original chip with an Exacto knife, removed the Costco refill chip and replaced it with the HP chip! It worked. I will exhaust the ink supply before tossing the printer out.

  12. Brozkeff says:

    Hello, I am the author of the article linked here and I noticed a spike in accessing the blog article I wrote some time ago about downgrading the fw of HP printers. Since I thought this nightmare is finally over when HP released the "optional" update disabling the stupid, crippling "feature", I was surprised there is a new resurgence of interest in this issue.
    I still have two of the OfficeJet 8610 printers in the office and using non-original cartridges exclusively. In addition to that this year I purchased two other HP Officejet printers for a really great price (model 6230). So far so good. I will anyway report and update my article if things go wrong again.
    Both OfficeJet 6230 have the firmware with the genuine cartridge feature disabled, one of the OfficeJet 8610 has intentionally the very oldest, downgraded 2014 firmware (after it was screwed with the 2015 firmware, getting non-working in 2016) and is being firewalled not to communicate over the internet to not get updated and to not expose any potential vulnerabilities anywhere else but on the internal VLAN. The second 8610 instead has the newer firmware after HP released the fix, and perhaps that printer may get soon automatically upgraded…

    • jacqui barnett says:

      I have an HP 5610 all-in-one home printer, and this too, does NOT accept 3rd party cartridges, which is really annoying, although my HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 printer at the office DOES accept the 3rd party cartirdges . I might try the suggestion of changing the chip to an HP chip!

      • Jim Lumsden says:

        You are lucky. My 8710 got upgraded and third party inks are blocked. Even refills.

  13. I have an OfficeJet Pro 6978 that is relatively new and it will not accept 3rd party ink cartridges. When i put one in, despite the cartridges being labeled as "For use in HP" and "Compatible Replacement," when I put one in the machine I get a warning that says, "Remove and reinstall the indicated cartridge, making sure it is correctly installed."

    • Mike Staffaroni says:

      This is the exact same message that I've received on my 6978 with two different 3rd-party brands.

  14. Mach says:

    I have an 8710 for which I purchased 3rd party InkWorld Cartridges and all was working until I was lead to replace the yellow cartridge and since no 3rd party cartridge is working. I quickly identified the source of the issue as a firmware update applied by my family in February to alleviate jamming and constant prints being 'stuck' at the end of the print cycle by approximately 6.5 mm. (1/4inch US), requiring one to 'pull' the prints free. After this update the unit will no longer accept any 3rd party cartridges. I have since attempted to use Jarbo Inks (highly recommend both companies products, with Jarbo being my favorite.) Neither works. This is definitely by HP design. *** I fixed the problem by upgrading to a new HP printer ( LOL ) NOT ***. I purchased a Brother MFC-3770CDW Model and the printing costs will be the same for the laser as it was for the Deskjet at HP Ink prices and will yield about 2x the number of pages. Were I to switch to an HP model Laserjet, the cartridges would be DOUBLE the cost of the Brother model Laser refills.

    I have not investigated 3rd party laser cartridges for this brother unit, but suffice to say the customer unfriendly 'JERK' Move by HP is enough to put me off their products for good. Deskjet printing just isn't worth what HP wants per page. No printing is worth what HP asks. It just is not.

    My Global print budget at work was just reduced and after some study I have found that almost EVERY other solution is cheaper than the existing HP solution I inherited. The printers will be swapped in favor of Xerox units in the coming months. Good move HP. Bravo.

    C'est la Vie and good bye HP.


  15. Fred S says:

    I am coming from Epson WorkForce Pros which only lasted a year each (2 WF 3640 and 1 WF 4630). Being fed up with such poor reliability, I decided to switch — and the HP 8720 seemed to be the best option at the time. So I have 2 HP 8720. The first one running on firmware 1606 still accepts compatible ink cartridges. The second one running of firmware 1910 does not (it came with that firmware out of the box, unfortunately). I like those printers as I appreciate their speed and quality. I understand most of the price of the printer is in the ink. However, in the case of HP, that price is completely blown out of proportion. When I purchased the two 8720s, I had heard of the class action that forced HP to allow 3rd party ink ; I wasn't aware HP would do it again in 2019.

  16. jody says:

    i have been refilling my original hp cartridges since 2009. just the black. last year i found a co. in Canada that refilled and sold the cartridges i needed and i think it was only $20 for all 4. There was one problem in getting them delivered but they resolved it and the cartridges arrived in very good condition. i put them is and vwahlaa… i had a color printer again. they worked beautifully. I didn't have to partially fill the black cartridge with just a bit of ink for the job i needed on the odd day here and there. And i find it a bit irritating that i always have an HP icon in my task bar telling me i need another update so I can enjoy all the assistance HP wants to give me even though all of my HP devices are long out of warranty.

    I was away for a month, but came home with some serious printing i needed ASAP. I sent the document to the wireless printer via my android, and it started printing. Got 3 pages in and had a paper jam. I fixed that, went to finish printing my document and had an error "ink system error please turn printer off" My first thought was, HP did an update without me knowing and somehow found a way to MAKE me buy only their ink products which i never do. I have a lifetime supply of printer ink. I had the store. As if I'm going to pay $100's for name brand ink when i could care less. It can print with pencil or wax crayons for all I care. printed paper is temporary and is almost obsolete in my household. who has anything on paper anymore that they need to save other than old photos and cash? Im wondering how long perscriptions will be paper written. How archaic. my pharmacy will deliver my perscriptions. but i still have to trot on over from the clinic to drop off a piece of paper that could easily be electronically sent and probably should be.

    Anyways, i've seached and tried several reset methods i found online. nothing has worked. i put my original cartridges back in to do the factory reset. still won't get passed that ink system error. I need my printer like last week and it's completely useless to me. I ONLY thought HP was responsible for this in a likely update they snuck in without warning. My printer is 10 years old… what do they even care about a printer that old. They likely didn't expect it to still be in service. I barely use it. Its more of an ugly ornament that a device I use more than a couple or maybe 4 times a year. I print off killersudoku puzzles I like and lease agreements. That's about it. I never fax. who has a land line these days. if i HAVE TO I can use a software driven fax app. I make photocopies of all my ID decades ago. it was cool to have a network printer that would accept jobs from both my laptops and both my phones anytime, from anywhere within my wireless network. Took 10 years to finally get that working without glitches. I'd like a new printer that just always works. I'm tired of having to refill cartridges, or rerun the network setup program again and again and again and find IP addresses and printer name when its out of ink now. It finally was working perfectly. now its worse than every other problem put together. at least before i could do "something" to make it work for one print job at least. i don't OWN a printer so i can look up where in town i can get some printing done. For pete's sake. I will NEVER buy a new ink cartridge that says HP on it. ever ever ever never not now not even if they were zero dollars. anyone bought an ink pen lately? was the price crazy ridiculous? no… you probably picked and couple dozen. just because HP wants to sell ink doesn't make it a high priced commodity. its not gold or oil. its ink. it's nasty and messy and going out of style. its like a rotatry dial phone… who wants one. or here, would anyone like my full size square gigantic tv with the corner stand for free?? hahahaha hp is trying to make artifacts out of just old junk we don't need anymore. paint has come a long ways and has met the challenges of a new era but ink is still just messy and doesn't come off… apparently theres a high demand in the tattoo parlers, but aren't we all going paperless more or less? saving a few trees and landfills.

    i likely won't have a compatible printer and i've been and promoter of HP devices for decades and I had a store. I build pc's and recommended printers to go with them. too bad HP. I was good for your business. anyone know where the HP landfill site is?

    I actually will be happy to get rid of this monstrosity of a machine hp officejet 6500 wireless all in one. my laptop im on right now is also HP. I bought it in 2011. They're still letting me…. ?????? pretty sure microsoft is the boss in that arena.

    just because things are made to be disposable doesn't mean I need a new one every time they come out with a different color. bic still makes a decent lighter and a solid ball point pen. cheap in the big packs. who does it better? nothing to change. i don't need a "smart" pen or a "thin touch screen" lighter. I don't need a printer the size of a night stand either. if it's wireless it should also be portable and take up very little space. I had an office once. I think it was where all the paper went. it was always a mess and had a huge "to do list" everywhere.

    I find if you just keep putting your new paper on top of your old paper somehow it takes care of itself. like a composter. enriches my life naturally and with no effort.

    so if there's a class action, or anything i can do time is of the essence.

    How can most of the price of a printer be the ink? The parts to make and labor to assemble, box, add cords, manuals, internet cables, customer support, shipping etc in my opinion would be a lot greater than the cost to produce ink cartridges. I think where they make the most profit is from the ink. They reduce the markup of the printer because they mark up the price of the ink so ridiculously. They seem to think that people will rush out to buy a machine that seems like a great deal, and that we all mindlessly don't worry about the cost of the ink, we'll just buy it when we need it.

    I don't know anyone who doesn't stand in shock when they think they're going to buy new ink cartridges and then decide they don't really need them today. The price is so ridiculous that its not hard to think of a hundred other things you'd rather spend that much money on before INK. just send me a photo of a document… don't print one for me on paper with ink. i don't go near those boxes of papers anymore. if i can't find your document in my pc files, its not relevant anymore. Revenue Canada doesn't even need my paperwork. They have everything i need before I do. its downloaded for me without any paper being used to do my taxes, file them and get my refund. 100% paperless except that the employers still have to send me a paper T4 but I can see that being phased out now that I don't need to wait for them in the mail. I can just file and download everything online. my phone keeps a copy of all my reciepts. my credit card statements are online. I don't even open most of my paper mail because i've already had the email notification and looked up my statement online.

    I suppose there's still a generation ahead of me who still like to read their paper newspaper and paper flyers. I don't. my adult kids sure don't. I get weekly flyers by email. I use newspaper to do my lasagne organic no till gardening and to wash windows. Nothing works better. but it would work just fine without the ink.

    all you young people who want more tattoos, expect the price of ink to go way up in another decade or so

    do school children even learn to print and write by hand these days? I assume they all use mini phone sized touch screen smart keyboards for everything now. haha

    i'm going to do my leases online with adobe I think. They have For Signature you can do freehand and without any ink. How many times do we hit a button agreeing to terms and conditions on our devices that are just as binding as any paper contract?

    rjust a home user
    etired business owner

  17. Never more hp says:

    Look at these funny hp professionals :)
    The description of the april's upgrade:

    Type:FirmwareVersion: 1912AOperating systems:Windows 10 (64-bit)Release date:Apr 16, 2019File name: OJ7740_1912A.exe (62.8 MB)

    This software tool will help you update your printer to the latest firmware. Please refer to Enhancement/Fixes for more detail about the firmware update.

    Reminder: Dynamic security enabled printer. This Firmware includes dynamic security measures, which may prevent supplies with non-HP chips or circuitry from working now or in the future. More at:

  18. Nina says:

    October 2018 I purchased a five pack 952XL. Black and magenta worked. Installed Yellow cartridge 6/18/19 and it kicked back with error code, "Cartridge installed incorrectly. Please remove and reinstall."Haven't tried Cyan yet but I don't expect it to work.

  19. Mathew Beals says:

    I have an 8610 model and used a 3rd party black cartridge after the original 'expired'. It worked for about 9 months however after an automated firmware update I am getting an error message stating that there is a problem with the cartridge. I swapped in a full 3rd party cartridge but to no avail. I refuse to be blackmailed by a product that I purchased.

  20. Deborah Levinson says:

    I have an HP Envy 7640 printer & I refilled the original HP cartridge with the ink from 3rd party. ( It was Epson ink purchased before 2000 stored in a foil wrapper so it had not dried up). You have to let it sit for 8 hours after refilling for it to properly saturate the sponge that is now used. I popped it back in and it worked just fine. I think it gave me a warning that my ink levels were low & I had to do some test prints to get the ink to work through the printhead but it was easily worth the cost savings. I saw a video that shows HP only fills their cartridges to 1/3 capacity so I did not feel bad. It is so sad that HP went downhill, it was the paragon of excellence 30 years ago but not today.

  21. JRP says:

    HP Officejet Pro 7740 printers are effected by the April 2019 firmware update. With the new firmware installed, 3rd party cartridges and/or refilled HP cartridges will no longer work. In addition, if a any one particular color cartridge is empty, the printer will stop printing all documents – B&W or color – until the empty cartridge is replaced.

    HP just finalized a lawsuit on this same issue in April 2019, but with a different size cartridge.

    The new "lock-out" appears to be for ANY HP Inkjet printer that uses 952/952XL or 953/953XL cartridges:

    HP OfficeJet Pro 7720 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 7730 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8216 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8218 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8700 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8714 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8716 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8717 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8718 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8719 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8724 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8725 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8726 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8727 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8728 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8730 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8732M All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8734 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8735 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8736 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8740 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8743 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8744 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8745 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8746 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8747 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet 7740 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet 8702 All-in-One Printer
    HP OfficeJet 8715 All-in-One Printer

    I could not get the workaround to work, but maybe you will have better luck.

    • Nolan says:

      Assuming there will just be another lawsuit. I'm actually pissed off. Forcing people to pay like 200 for ink is ridiculous. They deserve to pay everyone 10 fold what they spent on their printers. I paid like 350 for my 8740… And the so called 2000page print limit on their cartridges…. ya thats a lie too. My ink ran 'empty' after two thirds of the way thru a bundle of paper (500 pack). All I usually print are documents and what not.

    • Jonathan Campbell says:

      I can confirm that the "firmware update" caused my HP 8710 printer. Previous to the "update" the printer worked perfectly with all four of the cartridges purchased from CompAndSave. After the "update" it just stopped printing altogether, and all the indications were that the printer had a hardware failure. I was able to find a better solution – a firmware downgrade installed the usual way.

      Please check out my article about it at

      Thanks again

    • Bob says:

      Still happening in 2022. My printer is well out of warranty, yet HP is blocking non HP ink. What they do is print black over any color that was not HP. This is a 8600 All in one printer.

  22. RSB says:

    Sorry to clutter this HP thread with a comment about a Brother printer but am having the same issue as you all with recent Brother firmware update making non-new (refilled) Brother cartridges get flagged as incompatible.

    I just wonder about the link in this posting on downgrading firmware which also includes verbiage about the US Magnussen-Moss Warranty Act and also EU regulations which purportedly make it illegal to force users to buy OEM ink cartridges.

    It seemed that the implication was that what HP/Brother is doing is illegal but I don't see anyone here talking about how to have this law enforced. Isn't that something taht should be done?

    It seems that HP was forced to update their firmware to restore ability to use 3rd party inks when they did this back in 2016. That route cannot be forced on them again?

    Also, how come no one speaks of downgrading their firmware to continue using their printer (using the instructions provided in that link)? And if that's a workable solution, I don't suppose anyone would know where I could get instructions for downgrading the firmware on my Brother printer, would you? (Brother MFC-J480DW)

    Sigh… (and thanks for any pointers/help) — And I hope you all find a solution for this HP baloney…

    (By the way — in my case, I am using the original OEM Brother cartridges that I worked out how to put a ink refill hole into to refill them. These refilled Brother cartridges are being flagged as invalid so it seems the firmware must be storing something on the cartridge itself to say that it has been used down to empty so it will not allow that cartridge to be re-installed and used again)

    • Beverly Ward says:

      8/23/2019 Hello, I am having the same issue with my Brother printer and third party ink cartridges. My Brother printer does not recognize the third party cartridges. I thought that this was illegal.I will there was some way to find out.

  23. Billy says:

    I cant believe how greedy a company like HP has become! I spend $200 on the printer, then they want me to pay $200 for genuine ink refills when all depleted! It's no wonder we naturally look for a much more affordable option when it comes to ink.
    If their price was more reasonable, they could still control the market. But once they realize they are losing millions on ink due to reasonable 3rd party ink manufacturers, they decide I'll secretly sabotage all my customers and put the knife in their backs!!
    That's a classic mafia move!
    You've lost my business indefinitely!!!

  24. James Talbott says:

    We had the same problems with our two 8710. It just stopped accepting third party cartridges with no warning in early August 2019 (when a cartridge ran out.) I operate a couple of businesses using HP printers and I will never buy HP again. HP seems to think you can just go down the block and get ink. My businesses are in rural areas and the nearest Staples is 75 miles away, one way. It takes half a day to get down there and back while all printing business stops because of HP's firmware that locks out your printer. From now on it's Brother printers for me and I used to always buy HP.

  25. JJ J says:

    Any update?
    Any answer from HP?

    • guenni says:

      No, HP went silent – there was also no storm in the Internet like it was 2016. Obviously the salami tactics worked for HP.

  26. R. Palin says:

    My 8600 locked about 2 months ago when HP updated the printer firmware with 1829AR. All four carts were declared missing, defective or counterfeit. Then the machine called for me to insert the startup carts that came in the box with the printer 6 years ago? HP declined to help me restore the older firmware because it lessened the cartridge security they want for customers. HP Support said the 6-yr old printer is "obsolete" and offered to help me find their newest models with 5 months of free ink if I signed up for their "instant ink" service. My printer remains frozen after being assisted by a dozen of helpful supporters on the HP sight. Nothing works! Costco offers a full set of GENUINE carts for $179. HP will sell the starter carts for $103 with no guarantee that they can help overcome the problem that came with their new firmware update. HP has a problem that seems to be violating the concept of fair trade practices. I believe that it may be more fair to have HP build printers but have other businesses make the ink. Controlling printers and ink has been a very bad idea that that needs to be revisited by the FTC. After 2 months my 8600 still cannot print.

  27. ed duck says:

    it's 2019. We've a global plastic waste crisis and the printer manufacturers need to stop forcing us to dump perfectly good working hardware and provide a simple standard cross platform ink replacement solution. How hard can it be ??

  28. Anne Sewell says:

    I updated the firmware on my Epson WF-4720 last week as recommended by the company. When I did so all my third party…reasonably priced…perfectly fine ink cartridges came up as empty. I figured it was just a glitch because at least 2 of the 4 cartridges were probably getting close to empty. I ordered new third party cartridges through Amazon Canada. The delivery notice I received with the product read, "ATTENTION: These will NOT work with recent UPDATE in October 2019 Firmware on your computer." I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to reverse the update with no success (although for those with an Epson XP there is a youtube video that describes how it can be done.) I looked up the cost of a new Epson WF-4720 and ink on Amazon Canada. The printer is priced at $130. Canadian. The ink 135.35! Staples Canada is showing a price of $192. Canadian!! The third party companies were not only helping by proving ink at reasonable prices but they are/were also recycling the cartridges and keeping millions of them out of landfills.

  29. travis dupont says:

    I have a HP 1606 that will not allow me to use after market. Well, I should say, I am able to print one page then it gives me an error message. I then have to reset each time just to print one page. The cartridge company has sent me 5 replacements because I thought it was them, turns out good ole HP is greedy. Totally sucks.

  30. Chris says:

    Bought a new HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 this past Sept. for our business to replace the exact same printer which we only got about 1.5 years out of before it stopped working properly. When we required ink on the new printer, we had the original black 902 cartridge refilled at Costco as we have always done. The printer will not accept the refills after several attempts with both the original chip and new chips. Cartridge protection is turned off as is the online communication with HP for automatic updates. Thinking it's time to ditch HP for good!!

  31. Mark says:

    The HP Officejet 6950 is blocking generic ink by giving a "Cartridge Problem – Remove and reinstall the indicated cartridge, making sure it is correctly installed" error message.

  32. Ece Ökten Müller says:

    In my HP Photosmart 5520, I replaced my black cartridge with a new 3rd company product yesterday. There were some messages saying that this is not the original HP product, but I could still print 3-5 pages. Then all of a sudden, it was not possible to print anything in black; all the pages come out without any printing on it. I could only print "Print Quality Report" but that's all, nothing else..!

  33. John Weight says:

    I have just changed the colour cartridges in my HP Photosmart 5520 with new Tesco refills and the error message is displayed suggesting that one or more are damaged. I put back the old cartridges of the same non-HP make and they have stopped working also!

  34. John says:


    Yes, I have TWO HP Office Jet 8600 printers (one regular and one Pro) and they both have the same issues now. One says "ink system failure" and the other one says "replace cyan ink", but even putting in new cartridges (aftermarket refills), it will not recognize that a new ink is in there and will not allow it to go past that place.

    Other than these issues, they are great printers (little slow on scanning double sided), but do a great job otherwise. All though, as someone mentioned in another thread, mine will not print yellow on the test pages.

    I have two good printers with the same problem — any help would be greatly appreciated!

    And, if anyone has any information about this "class action law suit" with HP, I'd like to get involved in that as I have $500 worth of printers that are now useless!

    • Frederick C Scheper Jr says:

      The officejet pro 8600 was NEVER affected by dynamic security measures, so if you still have the printer your problem is NOT with the software/firmware, I have both an Officejet Pro 8600 & 8100 (both have same printhead and use the same cartridge's) and have never had a problem using 3rd party cartridges over a many year period, think the above mentioned security measures started affecting the 8610 and later printers, but there is a firmware downgrade on the HP site to allow usage of 3rd party cartridges…..

  35. Quentin says:

    I have the same problem with my HP 7740. I was able to use 3rd party cartridges up to now. I had to replace them as they were empty, and now my printer doesn't work any more.
    It is definitely my last HP printer.

  36. J says:

    I got hit with the same issue that my 3rd party cartridge wasn't even being detected.

    I followed the info on this and downgraded the firmware to an earlier version and it's all working again.

    This has the process, and then at the bottom of the page it's got a link to a google drive with the actual older firmware since HP is longer allowing it to be downloaded.

  37. Teressa says:

    HP 7740 printer was purchased so that we could use compatible non hp ink cartridges, to decrease cost. The non HP ink will not work and we continue to get a message that reads "ink cartridge installed incorrectly." A second shipment of the same ink came, with the assumption that the ink was defective. The second shipment arrived today and we received the same error message. This is for business use and it is not cost effective to buy the HP brand ink.

  38. Jeremy Davies says:

    I can no longer print using my HP 8600Pro with the existing 3rd party cartridges that have worked fine in the past.
    I assume the messages – as reported by others – indicate HP have once more blocked the use of non-HP product.

    I'll never buy another HP product.

  39. Dari says:

    I got blocked today by HP on my Officejet 8710. I was using a refilled cartridge that had been working properly for the last 6 months. This morning I received an error saying "This printer is not designed to use continuous ink cartridges". I have not found that error message yet after searching. I'm am not happy.

  40. john James says:

    As a HP7740 user I recently tx'fer to a high quality substitute cartridge, the system printed fine with excellent photos. About 2 weeks into using these substitutes I received
    a notice noting a that they were not HP cartridges during a print request command. about 2 weeks later The printer started printing dull color images ??. I examined all printer functions to tend to the issue… no resolution. I Tx'fered these cartridges to the secondary printer and they functioned fine on large print demands. The original HP cartridges were installed in the org printer and immediately printed ok. Reversed cartridges and problem reappeared in 3 days? Printer 2 is an off-line printer. It would appear that when online HP some how fiddles with the setting in the background in an attempt to make the Non-HP cartridges mis-perform… This cleaver trick will make you purchase OEM HP if you are not paying attention….

  41. Ray says:

    When HP uses software to disable any ink cartridges (example: refilled cartridges) this is actually consider a criminal act under specific little know USA laws. When a consumer buys a product, under the USA law the consumer is free to use what ever they want in their purchased product. The same holds true no matter if it is a car,, desktop computer, printer, etc.. When a company stops a consumer bought product from functioning by way of preinstalled software, updates, etc., then it is considered a sabatogi act which is totally illegal under USA law. The best way to deal with this very common now a days problem is not by sueing a company, but rather by presuing criminal charges against the owners of the companies.

  42. DeAnna says:

    HP is disgusting – I bought 3 packages of ink from iKong and now none of it will work with the HP 8715 printer I have, which was printing fine about 10 days ago. Now with the new updates I can't get anything to print. This is ridiculous – anyone have any ideas on how to get this working? I can't spend $100 on cartridges every time I need to replace them – HP is a horrible company and I will begin discredit their products and encourage everyone to buy ANYTHING else unless they fix the situation.

  43. Rob says:

    Watch my youtube video about this. I have two identical machines. My replacement cartridges work on my old one but not the newer one. My supplier provided me with new cartridges that work on both machines. The firmware in the newer printer was not accepting the older cartridges. I had set my old machine not to update so it did not receive newer firmware designed to block my older replacement cartridges

  44. Friendly Ghost says:

    I think I may be another victim of HP's policy against 3rd party cartridges.

    I bought 3rd party ink cartridges for my HP 8720 back in February 2020 (a ValueToner set of four 952XL (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black)). I didn't need to install any until April 15th. On that day, I replaced the Cyan. Immediately, I got a "Remove and reinstall the indicated cartridge, making sure it is correctly installed. If this message continues to appear, replace the indicated cartridge" message. I then tested the Magenta and received the exact same message. None of them work.

    Sadly, I will be leaving the HP family over this debacle even though the printer itself does seem to be a rather decent unit. I understand that printers are "almost" given away so that the companies can get their "pound of flesh" by aggressively selling their overpriced cartridges but how much greed is enough?

  45. matro says:

    The same here with my HP 6970. I've finally replaced the cartridges with original ones, but the printer doesn't print black anymore, no way. I've even downgraded the firmware, without any luck.

    I've tried asking for help in the HP community site, but moderator keeps on deleting my posts and I really cannot understand why: I'm a customer, I'm doing nothing wrong, I'm just asking for help, still I have none.

    I'm wasting my time, goodbye HP. I'm quite an influencing tech around my network, happy to dissuade anyone on buying HP again.

  46. Joe Ackerman says:

    Another one for the eWaste pile, thanks HP. I have a HP LazerJet P1006, which just gave me a "cartridge out of ink" notice when it clearly wasn't. Tried some resets but it then gave a "printer door open" notice. Now even a new (third party) cartridge won't cause it to budge off the "printer door open" message.

    So is it toast? If someone is preparing the lawsuit, I can send you the serial number.

  47. Denise Pinkerton says:

    Didn't realise it was a problem until this morning. Used asda hp 364 ink at £27 for all colours instead of £38 genuine hp ink!! Spent all day trying to sort it out with no luck. So it looks like I need a new printer!! 🤬

  48. Georgia Grabke says:

    That is exactly how I feel. I've been experiencing these "incompatible cartridge" messages for several months now after it has been working fine for at least a year! NO MORE HP for me.

  49. Jim T says:

    I have this issue with an Officejet 6600. Are you able to assist?

  50. Pablo says:

    HP8600 pro N911a here, failed today. Got a paper jam message, then a cyan ink cartridges not found. I'm using ciss chip

  51. Designer says:

    Same issue with HP-7740
    Dear friends
    Did anyone heard or found any fix with third party refill ink solution, please let me know. A real solution, not links and reading notes!

    HP I dont want to give you my money, will not buy your product, stop milking 'stop'.

  52. A320mech says:

    It was mere months after I bought our HP Envy 4520 in France, that I already regretted buying this piece of crap. As soon as I re-used my own cartridge, it sometimes outright refuses to print, and sometimes just prints 2 of 3 colours. It's locked me out of Admin and resetting it does nothing to regain the privilidges. It also displays that the firmware is already up to date, even though we bought it back in 2016/2017

  53. stepf says:

    I have a HP officejet pro 6968 and recently tried to install a 3rd party ink cartridge and it it will not recognize it and there's no way I've found to bypass it. If anyone finds anything please let us all know. I feel like this should be illegal.

  54. Rebecca Sanderson says:

    I have an HP Office Jet Pro 7200 and have just bought my first replacement cartridges since get it a few months ago. The set I was sent didn't work so I installed an older version of the firmware but that didn't work either. Eventually, INKredible managed to sort the problem by sending me the very newest cartridges which overcome HP's firmware updates (so far) and I'm able to print. INKredible were very helpful and will be out of pocket by the experience because they can't take back the cartridges that didn't work and they may have boxes of them in a warehouse for all I know. They are running to play catch up every time HP tries to stop us using compatible cartridges by updating the firmware. The difference in price is enormous. The compatibles were £60 (still a lot of money for a plastic box with coloured water in) but the HP's are £130 for a set which is twice as much as I paid for the printer, which was on offer with a cash back incentive (I wonder Why!)
    I think HP are a piece of ****** and won't be buying another printer from them

  55. JOHN HICKMAN says:

    I also have Problems with HP printers being locked because of 3rd party print heads not working after a couple of weeks where they worked great. Then I get the message about the prints heads not compatible with the printer. This printer is a Office inkjet all in one L7780, I have the second paper tray and use the fax and copier all the time. Now here's the great Thing HP has disabled the complete printer. No more scanning Photo's to my network or faxing documents to others who don't use email, yes there are still some. But Most of all I am really PO'ed being unable to use this printer because HP doesn't want me to use someone else's INK… I also have a wide format printer Officejet 7500A which is so far working. I don't know how they (HP) figure it's still there printer. I've purchased this printer, paid for it and I consider I should be the one who decides what inks I will use in it. If they think $200.00 to $300.00 is a FAIR Price to charge for ink, then I hope the go broke, because I can't afford to pay that much for their ink. If they priced it reasonably then that would be different. Getting one or two ounces of ink for $50 is insane.
    Thank for reading my rambling, but I'm really surprised they are allowed to do this to us.

  56. Sukhbir says:

    Hi R. Palin,
    did you resolve this issue. I am stuck with the same issue with my 8600 N911h running FW 1829AR. i was using 3rd party cartridges when I started getting "One or more Cartridge appear to be damaged" in March 2020. I was told by the 3rd party manufacturer that i'll have to put all genuine HP cartridges "once" to get rid of the error in FW. i purchased a new set of 4 HP 950/951 cartridges BUT am getting that error still. wanted to check if you resolved this issue…thx.

    • EP says:

      the BIG question is WHERE did you purchase the genuine HP 950/951 ink cartridges, Sukhbir? online? local in-store purchase?

  57. Droo Macleod says:

    There is only one way to deal with HP: Encourage as many people as possible NOT to ever buy an HP product. If I am in a shop selling printers, I give the sales person a hard time and speak to a manager to suggest they stop selling HP printers and display a notice to explain why.
    Spread the dirt far and wide on Facebook.
    Droo Mac

  58. Ken Hamrick says:

    I found links on the webdite to downgrade several Hp Office Jet printers firmware to a version before the disabling firmware update. You just download the correct zip file for your printer to your pc, make sure you have automatic updates turned off, connect pc to printer via USB cable, click on the downloaded zip file, and the firmware is updated to the old version of firmware. I did this procedure today, and my HP 6978 Office Pro Inkjet now accepts 3rd party cartridges. And, HP said it was impossible to go backwards on firmware. They are liars and will do anything to sell their ink. When you go to the site listed above, search for "downgrade", and look for your printer.

  59. Debbie Magruder says:

    I am posting this on November 2, 2020. My HP 6960 All In One just stopped allowing 3rd party ink cartridges through Firmware update. To top it off, my local stores are out of tri-color cartridges & I had to order direct from HP. I'm so angry.

  60. Emily T says:

    November 6th, 2020 – my HP color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw got a pushed firmware update today, and now my third party cartridges won't work. The printer is essentially a brick now. The screen says "supply problem."

    • Dave says:

      Hello – I am recieving this same error after the pushed firmware update on my Laser Jet Pro MFP M281fdw. What a joke by HP!!!

  61. Lester Young says:

    November 7 2020, LaserJet Pro M254dw just updated firmware and have run into exactly this problem. Printer was working fine with 3rd party cartridges before the update and now says it has supply problems. Installed a genuine HP black cartridge and still have the same block. It's a shame as I was really happy with the printer before this and now it's a liability.

    I'll try to downgrade firmware and see if that unbricks my printer.

    • Christof says:

      Hi Lester, same printer with the same issue here. Did you found the previous firmware? And also couldn't find the procedure for downgrading in the manuals. Any tips you mind sharing?

      • Gerald says:

        My M254dw has updated today and refuses to recognize the 3rd party toners. Does anyone have the old firmware?

  62. Lars says:

    my HP MFP M281fwd has the same problem. Just replaced HP cartridges with 3rd party cartridge and now i cannot print anymore. Really frustrating. Some comment on HP Support says that downgrade of firmware is not possible. Would appreciate very much if someone finds a unbrick….

  63. grc says:

    I'm having same issue. replaced all toner and same issue. i guess it updated automatically over the weekend. i thought i had turned off any auto update :(

  64. guenni says:

    Somebody has posted an English comment with Links to hp firmware – but use it at your own risk.

  65. simon says:

    I hit exactly the same problem yesterday (11 Nov).
    I have filed a complaint with HP and contacted Which? But, as matters stand, I shall be replacing this now useless (previously perfectly good) printer with a non-HP printer.

  66. Ryan says:

    It's official. HP is going to kill their own business. I am another person who will give this printer to goodwill and go buy another brand. I may see if Costco will take this back since it is no longer functional unless I want to buy overpriced HP ink. What an absolutely horrible decision to make at their brand's expense.

  67. Wendy says:

    I just used the old firmware download link someone posted and it worked!! Thank you thank you! I definitely can not afford to buy HP ink! and I downloaded at my own risk and was worried but I was even more frustrated with the "Supply Problem" error! Now to find out how to turn off hp updates. I have been at it for about 3 hours reading and watching videos. Pain in the ***

    I have the Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M281fdw

  68. Terje says:

    Hi all, is there any way it is possible to downgrade the firmware? Does anyone have an old installation CD?

  69. Rod says:

    I've just experienced this problem, the .exe version of the 2020-06 firmware update just won't load – it looks like it does, you get a smiley face, but it doesn't install.

    I found this:

    This method works, you have to drop the .rfu file on to the printer with FTP and it'll automatically start the firmware downgrade.

  70. Gretta L says:

    Thank you for the article and for the comments!

    I wish I had seen this a few days ago before forking out full price on genuine supplies for my perfectly good 2 year old M281fdw printer which displayed the "Supply Problem" error message out of the blue. I too have been using quality remanufactured cartridges.

    The supplier of the cartridges tried to help me by sending instructions on how to downgrade the firmware and reset the printer but I could not get it to work. At least they were very accommodating by agreeing to a credit on returned cartridges covering the cost of return postage.

    Even with the downgrade and cartridge protection turned off and other settings updated to override the problem, it seems to me HP have made a very sneaky move with their firmware update making it very tricky to resolve. So hopefully some of the posts made by people here will be discovered in time to help others.

    I'm really disappointed with HP and the notion that it is cheaper to replace a printer (for what I need) than to pay for genuine cartridges. I don't want my printer to go to landfill just yet, so when it dies I'll be avoiding this brand.

  71. Debbie says:

    I have the HP Photosmart C3180 All in One printer-copy-scanner and since the last Windows 10 upgrade, I lost ability to print. Prior to that, I was able to print using my refilled cartridges. After this 'upgrade' I finally found another update that was supposed to correct the printer problem. However, that seemed to invoke the problem of not being able to print with anything except HP cartridges. I have a supply of refilled cartridges that I cannot use now. BUT if I go out and buy overpriced HP cartridges, it will print!!!
    I will not buy anymore HP products!!
    If there is a class action suit please post, as I want to be a part of it!!

  72. James R says:

    Had a Office Pro 8600 for several years and it worked pretty well. Ink was expensive. I went to buy some more and the price had jumped from $130 for a set to $190. I was about to buy an HP for my son's school because they print a lot. Figured it was time to try a $20 3rd party set. Put one color in and got a warning but it printed just as good as it did before. 2 more cartridges drained a month later and put those in. Immediately the printer started choking and doing all kinds of recalibrations making grinding sounds. For months it went on with the printing gradually getting worse. Now it hangs once a week. I call bullshit. No more HP products for me. Was once my favourite company. Got through high school and university with an hp calculator. Used their printers for 30 years including the first inkjet. I got a new Epson and going to take the hp out back and put it out of its misery.

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  74. Eugene says:

    HP OfficeJet Pro 6970 – not able to use non-HP cartridge after firmware update.
    This happened to my after installing the October 2020 update. I did not have auto update on. So I confirmed the update from the printer display.
    Now I am left with a printer that does not expect a new non HP-cartridge.
    And stock of usable cartridge.
    It is about time for the EU to fine HP for violating consumer rights.
    Never a HP printer again.

    • Dianne Michele Christie says:

      I too had turned off any updates, as well as the cartridge protect and detect! As well as no data usage or any other date to be sent to HP! Now after this disgusting firmware that should not have even come through based on my admin settings I can not even access my advanced settings, that menu item has been removed since Tuesday morning!

  75. ray says:

    HP laserjet Pro M254nw face same problem, can anyone suggest the solutions?

  76. I can confirm that the "firmware update" caused my HP 8710 printer. Previous to the "update" the printer worked perfectly with all four of the cartridges purchased from CompAndSave. After the "update" it just stopped printing altogether, and all the indications were that the printer had a hardware failure. I was able to find a better solution – a firmware downgrade installed the usual way.

    Please check out my article about it at

    Thanks again

  77. Dianne Michele Christie says:

    15th of December 2020 at 7.09am I was printing on my HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M181fw, whilst I was standing there watching the prints, on the screen of my printer I saw 'security firmware update installing' flash and then it installed by itself without my approval, me touching my printer or even knowing what this so called update contained, it did not take long and then my printing ceased and the LCD screen showed 'supply issue' with four big question marks where a few moments before, my toner levels were showing. I waited to see if the printer would recommence printing and when it didnt I tried to access my advanced settings and my administration through my printers control panel, neither were there. I then opened my HP smart app on my iPad, the advanced settings option was gone from the menu so I went to my Mac, exact same thing. I ended up scouring HPs website fora phone contact number and after almost 40 minutes found a web form I had to fill out to ask if I could have a phone number, I finally received a case number as well as a contact number and then spent almost 2 hours with a tech support from HP who tried telling me I would have had to click accept for the update to proceed so it was my responsibility however that attitude changed fast when I stated I own a Mac, no updates allowed unless I read, then decide yes or no, as well as Apple do not allow unauthorised firmware updates unless I specifically approve them on my Mac and lastly, that update came directly through my printer!

    Once the warranty expired on my laser, I replaced the used HP cartridges with quality chipped generic toners, and successfully used these toners for the past two years with no problems until that firmware update on the 15th. HP community website is filling fast with owners of HP laser and inkjet printers just like me, and as I paid for and own my equipment as does every other consumer worldwide, HP has no right to hijack and then basically hold to ransom our property until we purchase, in my case, $500 for a set of HP toners compared to $158.00 for a set of generic toners that I have always purchased.

    After talking to the tech at HP, she advised I purchase HP toners! A friend came with her HP toners to help me out, my printer has been 'bricked' and will not even recognise HP branded toners! I can not even manually scan with my laser printer.

    I began lodging an official complaint with the ACCC then yesterday I received an email from HP telling me a new printer is being sent to me by courier with a 3 to 6 business day arrival expectation. I'm still going ahead with the ACCC.

    I had been out of work since March 2020 due to covid and had only just been able to return in the past week, the commissioned works I'd needed my printer for have now had to be declined, deposits returned and 11 days out from Christmas finances have been cut off and decimated because of HP and this illegal behaviour. Not only the firmware but removing my ability to stop any future firmware updates and turn off cartridge detection and security, that's my right as the owner of my printer and I refuse to allow any company to underhandedly access my equipment and block my access to my own settings!

    I own two HP laser printers, this one and my monochrome laser, which I have disconnected completely until I can ensure HP can not access my equipment in any manner. I have used non branded toners in my lasers and in my inkjet printers for years and years and have never ever had this done to me by Canon (brand of my inkjet) or Epson (inkjet) even after I have allowed any updates to their products.

    This is not acceptable, using generic branded toners and inks is not ever infringing HPs technologies rights or security. They have infringed my rights as the owner of the equipment and it is too close to cyber attacking, hacking and bullying for any consumer to quietly accept HPs lies and illegal behaviours.

  78. Jim says:

    I Refilled a 67 black cartridge but it would not print black via pc but would print from printer button on machine! I put clear packing tape over the contacts on my 67 black cartridge, that was refilled, then it started printing black via pc again and continues working each time I refill from this $8 bottle of black ink. Good luck!

  79. LNT-SE USA says:

    My HP 8710 was working fine with 3rd party ink from DataProducts…until about 2 weeks ago. And, yes, it got an automatic firmware update. I've tried downgrading the FW and it still refuses to work with an error due to a cartridge problem. I have contacted DataProducts about the matter.
    I've also tried the "30-second Swap" with an original HP cartridge…also fails.
    I do a good bit of professional quality printouts and not being able to use this printer is a huge PITN!
    No more HP products in my future…and this one, if it won't work, is going to the trash heap!

  80. pcspinheiro says:

    I have the same crap with an officejet x551dw: It had been nagging about an update for many months and, annoyed by the insistence, I gave in. Big mistake. Now, my half full, perfectly good compatible cartridges are all "damaged". Someone should act against this company. Not even carmakers restrict what oil you can put in the engine, and these guys take our money for something we bought and then want to tell us what ink we can use??? This has to be illegal! My printer is out of warranty so it's not even their problem if it breaks. This was my very last HP printer! Actually, I have a deskjet at home that, when the cartridges run out, is getting binned! I'm sick of this and so should everyone else. If only their ink was reasonably priced, but it's as though it's made from rare elements only found on Mars!
    I really wish A LOT of people could see these testimonies and BOICOTE HP FOREVER!

  81. Matthew says:

    Product: Hp Officejet 8600 Pro Premier
    Operating System: Other
    Anyone else pissed that hp updated your firmware illegally for a second time. First time there was so much bad press they fixed the issue and should have been fined then but since they weren't think they can try it again! I urge the government to act swiftly and aggressively to make a example of these heartless criminals trying to use the state of our well-being as a tool. Knowing we won't make this a priority while we fight to provide for our family's and protect thier health. Hp should be proud to have lowered thier ethics so low. I just hope they know that thier corporate greed will be thier downfall the public is slowly growing in hushed agreeance "we will no longer buy from HP" the magnuson moss warranty act you knew better HP !I WON'T STOP HERE!

  82. Molly Jay says:

    For anyone who's interested, here's what I was able to find on a current (?) class-action suit:

  83. Robert says:

    It seems HP may once more be skirting US and Canadian laws that require HP machines to accept compatible cartridges. Recently, on two of my HP 8720 printers, probably following recent firmware updates, a message displays on the screen indicating 'cartridge problem'. There is a button to the right that says 'Later'. If you select it, the message will go away but return within a hour or so. While the printer still works, the message is annoying.

    If anyone knows of a new class action suit against HP, please post it here or on youtube (even better) so we can all sign up and participate in it

    In the meantime, I will place some electrical tape across the top of the screen to cover the top row so I don't have to see it. If needed, I will just touch the part of the tape that covers the 'Later' button and hopefully the printer will work like the discrete appliance it was meant to be

    My next purchase will not be a printer from HP

  84. Matthew Newcomer says:

    They got me. Updated firmware on my 8600 pro. N911n. But fuck quitting buying from them again. that's crooked and they destroyed my property I want them locked up or I'll take a couple grand worth of blood if that's what it takes. Anyone know where the headquarters are? Bricked my printer with Thier own cartridges.

  85. Ron Duxbury says:

    They have bricked my LaserJet now. You can buy their printer but when you need a new cartridge they won't let you use the same sort of ink for a much cheaper price than they are charging.
    Absolutely stinks and needs bringing out to a wider audience. I have contacts in radio and television who will be very interested in this.
    I will also be taking this up with my MP, who I know has a passion to expose big company greed that HP are showing.

  86. Paul says:

    So check this out….

    It is an "independant labs" test comparing inks & showing 3rd party ink will indeed damaged HP print heads beyond repair. At first I felt justified throwing my 8630 Pro in a dumpster after using Generic Ink just once and now using only Genuine HP ink in my 8600 Pro/Premium.

    They go on to claim up to 110% more pages with HP ink vs. 3rd party solutions. This is where it begins to sound an awful lot like an advertisement rather than an independant test? Sure enough, in the fine print it states that the test was indeed HP's idea, however they still claim a completly un-bias test.

    Have a read, it's interesting at the very least. You be the judge? Unfortunately, it's not providing any compansation the money I feel HP has stolen from me. Just Say'n

  87. Dee Dee says:

    There's a class action against Epson, shouldn't there be a class action against Hewlitt Packard for committing the same crime? Absolutely, my printer that was barely a year old just completely stopped working. It was probably after a software update. Very sneaky, very creepy. No desire to actually serve the public. I feel they should be prosecuted and they should pay all of their victims.

    • Anony Mous says:

      It would not be at all difficult to get enough HP buyers to qualify for a class action lawsuit.

  88. LastTimePurchaser OfHP says:

    Nov 30th 2021, a new firmware update may have been pushed?
    Model: HP Color LaserJet MFP M281fdw
    Error message: HP indicated cartridges blocked for having non-hp chip…..

    Bunch of bullsh!T

    • NotAgain says:

      Same Model, same issue on Nov 30. So it definitely smells like HP pushed new firmware.
      Second time for me. I managed last time to roll back things. I guess I will try to remember what I did last time.

  89. R Meese says:

    HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw
    just lost my printer after an update, cartridges are blocked for containing a non HP chip.
    This is it for me . I'm a long time HP owner of both computers and printers. now I have a expensive brick for printing. And I have the same problem with my older computers. Once I'm forced to update my operating system, HP no longer supports it pluss they have contracts with the companies that supply the components so I can't get driver updates thru them ether. Time to start using another brand

  90. Nuno Sousa says:

    Just happened to me ! Officejet Pro 8022 is blocked, cannot print at all because I'm using after market cartridges.

    What can we do?? Any solution so far?

    Many thanks

  91. Erlene Schuck says:

    All of the above has just happened to my HP Officejet Pro 8035. Third party ink cartridges 'blew up' by printer, blue screen and all. I, also, am done with HP. Sad

  92. Rick says:

    I have a hp 8025 printer and I cannot use third party ink. The printer show altered or cloned ink and will not print at all.
    HP is very uncooperative.

  93. Marc says:

    The moral is don't allow updates.

    If the device needs updating it's because they sold it before they finished writing the firmware/software. They should had frozen the design before selling it. No manufacturer really cares about improving products they sold, all they care about is managing their lifespan and obsolosence.

  94. pj says:

    I will never buy an hp printer again. I would downgrade the firmware, but hp will not give you the OLD firmware. I would think this would be illegal to make you use hp ink.

  95. John Morris says:

    On 05 September 2023 at mid day UK time, my printer (HP Envy 4520 Series) was blocked. I was printing the first page of a document, and could not print anything after that page. Incompatible cartridge message.

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