Desktop Operating System/Windows share (Jan. 2019)

The figures for desktop operating system and Windows distribution at the end of January 2019 show: Windows 10 has overtaken Windows 7 in the ‘market share’ of Windows desktop systems.


Looking at the latest figures from (until the end of January 2019), Windows is still running at 86.23 (Dec. 2018: 87.71%) of desktop systems (the share has been declining steadily since April 2018, while macOS and Linux are rising). Mac OS comes to 10.59% (Dec. 2018: 9.61%), while Linux runs 2.45% (Jan 2018: 2.09%) of the system.

Betriebssystemverteilung Desktop Ende Dez. 2018 ( OS-Market-Share 1.2019, Click to zoom)

NetMarketShare list at the end of January 2019 the following figures for individual desktop operating system versions:

  • Windows 10 40,90 %,
  • Windows 7 37,19 %,
  • Windows 8.1 4,34 %
  • macOS 10.13 2,73 %.

So Windows 10 ‘End of January 2019’ is now clearly ahead of Windows 7. The coming months will probably be exciting because support for Windows 7 will end in January 2020. I don’t think we will see Windows 7 at 5% in December 2019 and Windows 10 has 95% of the market. For me, the question is: How will Linux and macOS be positioned by the end of 2019?

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