Tor Browser 8.0.5

SicherheitThe developers released Tor Browser 8.0.5 on 29 January December 2019. This is a maintenance update that includes Firefox 60.5.0esr and several other components.


The Tor bundle supports anonymous surfing on the Internet. In addition to the important security updates for Firefox 60.5.0esr, the Tor browser contains 8.0.5 updates to Tor ( and other bundled components. Here is a brief overview:

All platforms
* Update Firefox to 60.5.0esr
* Update Tor to
* Update Torbutton to 2.0.10
  * Bug 29035: Clean up our donation campaign and add newsletter sign-up link
   * Bug 27175: Add pref to allow users to persist custom noscript settings
* Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2019.1.7
* Update NoScript to 10.2.1
  * Bug 28873: Cascading of permissions is broken
  * Bug 28720: Some videos are blocked outright on higher security levels
* Bug 26540: Enabling pdfjs disableRange option prevents pdfs from loading
* Bug 28740: Adapt Windows navigator.platform value on 64-bit systems
* Bug 28695: Set default security.pki.name_matching_mode to enforce (3)

In addition, the circuit display has been revised. The Tor circuit display has been moved and improved! If you click on the Site Identity icon (left in the URL bar), the new circuit display is displayed. An overview can be found here, and since January 30, 2019 even Tor 8.0.5a7 is available as Alpha.   

Tor browser web site
Tor download site
Release Notes

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