Windows 10 V1809: Crashes during using ZIP archives?

[German]In this blog post I would like to discuss a possible issue with unpacking ZIP files under Windows 10 V1809. The Explorer may hang during unpacking the archive.


The processing of ZIP archives was not usable immediately after the release of Windows 10 V1809 due to an error (see links at the end of the article). But Microsoft patched this bug. Now German blog reader Martin Feuerstein sent me at end of April 2019, an observation by mail,which might indicate an error. Here is his scenario:

  • Windows 10 Version 1809, update April 2019
  • Virus scanner apart from Windows Defender
  • Attempt to extract ZIP archives

The problem occurs when unpacking/moving files in a ZIP archive using Windows Explorer. Martin writes about it:

I downloaded the ZIP file from my mobile phone via AirDroid Web (i.e. packed in ZIP without compression).

I wanted to move the downloaded files from the ZIP file to a folder (and remove them from the ZIP file). Of course, I could have unpacked the files as with 7-Zip, copied them in Windows Explorer and then deleted the ZIP file – but I wanted to solve this directly by moving it.

The Explorer hung itself more or less. After several minutes I aborted the process by clicking in the copy dialog, which took about 30 seconds. Finally, all selected files were written to the destination folder and deleted from the ZIP file.

I don’t have to close and restart the Explorer via Task Manager. It should not be due to the performance of the computer/memory (Xeon E3, 16 GB RAM, source folder redirection to server/offline cache on SSD, target SSD). Contents of the ZIP file were 5 photos, together 14.9 MB, so nothing that might make the hardware reach the performance limits.

I don’t currently have a Windows 10 V1809 test system. On a Windows 10 V1903 test system this behavior could not be reproduced. Therefore my question: Any of you who have observed the Explorer hanging while working with ZIP archives under Windows 10?

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