Nvidia Hotfix Driver 431.68 for Mouse bug

Windows UpdateThe manufacturer has released a hotfix for its Nvidia 431.60 WHQL Game Ready driver. The hotfix is supposed to correct a mouse pointer bug in a game.


I didn't report it, but a few days ago Nvidia released the 431.60 WHQL Game Ready driver (neonwin.net reported here). Now a hotfix had to be added. According to the release notes for this hotfix, it fixes a bug in the old driver. This caused the "mouse pointer to be displayed incorrectly after leaving a game". The error only seems to have affected Windows 10 devices.

The driver update is offered in two variants: the Windows 10 64-bit standard driver and the Windows 10 64-bit DCH variant. Furthermore, the hotfix, which is based on last week's 431.60 drivers, is optimized for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, Madden NFL 20, and the first DLC for Metro Exodus. The Madden game also has an updated SLI profile. These drivers also supported three new G-SYNC compatible monitors from HP and AOC – neowin.net has described these details here. The GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 431.68 can be downloaded here. (via)

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