Windows 7 SP1: Update KB4512506 causes error 0x800F0816

win7[German]The monthly KB4512506 Security Quality Rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 causes installation error 0x800F0816 on some systems. Here is some information.


The error description

When installing the KB4512506 update, the process terminates with error code 0x800F0816. I once stumbled across this error on Twitter.

If you go to the above linked article on, a person concerned describes his isse as follows (I've translated the German text):

The monthly security update for Windows 7 x64 KB4512506 causes all sorts of problems, but I have an error that I haven't found yet: the update is installed supposedly error-free but after the reboot it is removed from the system boot repair again. The error code is 800F0816. And then the game repeats itself daily.

I have installed the SHA-2 patches (they were already installed automatically). Also I don't use Symantec or Norton virus scanner but F-Secure, but even with deactivated virus scanner there is the same problem.

So the update is constantly removed because it can't be installed successfully.

What is causing the error?

I couldn't find a description of the error code, I only know that this error code is returned by the setup API and is informal (STATUS_SEVERITY_INFORMATIONAL). If I search the blog for the error code 0x800F0816, I come across the blog post Patchday issues with updates & WSUS (September 11, 2018) from September 2018. There I wrote:


The post here on confirms that the SSU has caused an installation error 0x800f0816 and another installation attempt has been made.

In the Microsoft Answers forum on August 17, a user described the issue that August 2019 updates KB4512506 and KB4512486 caused problems. Installing them prevents Windows from verifying winload.efi's digital signature.

Patch KB3133977 missing

I already mentioned the Bitlocker patch KB3133977 in the blog post Windows 7: Reinstallation causes boot error 0xc0000428. This update was released on April 24, 2017 and addresses a problem that Bitlocker cannot decrypt encrypted files and the svchost.exe service crashes.

In the MS Answers forum thread, the affected user rolled back the system to an old backup and then installed the Bitlocker update KB3133977. Then he could install the August 2019 update KB4512506 or KB4512486. At German site this comment confirms that installing the Bitlocker update KB3133977 fixes the installation error 0x800F0816. 

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