Windows 10: Issues with Updates KB4522015, KB4522016 / KB4517211 (Sept. 2019)

[German]Here is a short collection of issues with updates KB4522015, KB4522016 etc. and KB4517211 released for Windows 10, which were reported by users here in the blog or by affected persons on the Internet.


The updates KB4522015, KB4522016 and KB4517211 were released by Microsoft in the last days of September 2019 (see my articles Windows: Vulnerabilities in IE and Defender (09/23/2019) for KB4522015, KB4522016 etc. and Windows 10 V1903: Update KB4517211 released (09/26/2019) for KB4517211). The IE updates were only available in the Microsoft Update Catalog as of 24.9.2019, but have now been added to WSUS. Update KB4517211 was even tested with insiders for Windows 10 V1903 and V1909 before release.

.Net 3.5 install issues with IE update KB4522015/016 etc.

Within the support article for the updates (e.g. update KB4522016) as well as in the Windows 10 V1903 status page I found nothing about the issues outlined below. But the Internet Explorer security updates like KB4522015, KB4522016 etc. (i.e. all packages I described in the article Windows: Vulnerabilities in IE and Defender (09/23/2019)) may seem to cause issues when installing .NET Framework 3.5, resulting in consequential errors when installing programs that rely on .NET 3.5.

KB4522015: Trouble with SAP software requiring .NET 3.5

The problem with the out-of-band security update KB4522015 was first brought to my attention by blog reader Markus K. who postet it in an admin group.

might be interesting for those of you using SAP which requires .NET 3.5.
After short testing today I decided to release KB4522015 into production (WSUS).

Shortly after that newly installed machines which also should install SAP client failed installing .NET 3.5 which is a prerequisite.

After the release of update KB4522015 for Windows 10 V1809 via WSUS Markus had to find out that SAP software clients could no longer be installed: Cause: The required .NET Framework 3.5 cannot be installed. Its installation fails with the error:

Microsoft-Windows-NetFx3-OnDemand-Package: 0x800f0954

As soon as he uninstalls the update KB4522015, the installation of the SAP client with the required .NET 3.5 works again.


Askwoody reported the same for KB4522016

At the same time I saw on that the same problems with update KB4522016 are reported there. This is the IE security update for Windows 10 version 1903. In the forum a user was able to reproduce the installation problem during a test.

I'm guessing that the .NET Framework 3.5 problem is affected in all IE security updates described in the article Windows: Vulnerabilities in IE and Defender (09/23/2019).

Printer issues with Update KB4517211?

German blog reader Kay left this comment within my blog. He reports, that all printers are gone after installing Windows 10 Version 1903 update KB4517211.

Hello – for info: Problem with printers after installation

today (27.9. at 05:07) I downloaded and distributed the KB4517211 for Windows 10 19.03 x64 via WSUS server.

After the installation on a client PC all programs including Office reported "No printer installed" (not even the Windows internal ones – in "Devices and Printers" all printers are grayed out) – but the web interfaces of the printers were accessible via browser (status ok).

In addition, the message "Print spooler service does not run" was displayed – manual start of the service was not successful either.

The only solution was: Reset share on WSUS and uninstall KB4517211 on client. Now everything prints as usual.

But this could be an isolated case, because so far I haven't found a single hit on the Internet. On the other hand Microsoft patched the print routines with update KB4517211. It's quite possible that something broke.

At Woody Leonhard reports about a case where the above mentioned IE security update KB4522016 leads to a HP printer not being able to print anymore. Uninstalling the update fixes the problem. Addendum: I got now several confirmation about the printing issues, see my blog post Windows10 V1903: Update KB4517211 causes printer issues.

More issues with Update KB4517211?

Addendum: I just came over this blog post from appuals, reporting more issues with Update KB4517211. Beside install issues (fails at 20%), other issues has been reported:

  • There are several reports (e.g. here) that the update KB4517211 breaks the Cortana search.
  • There are also reports that Windows Defender scanning is disabled after the update is installed.
  • There is also a thread within the Dell forum, reporting that the update breaks the Alienware Sound Center (A-Volute).

Can any of you confirm these issues or is there a solution (other than uninstalling the update)?

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10 Responses to Windows 10: Issues with Updates KB4522015, KB4522016 / KB4517211 (Sept. 2019)

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  2. Adrian Barker says:

    KB4517211 – I had exactly the same problem – all printers disabled. Only solution was to uninstall the patch but on standard Win 10 there is no option to block an update other than to pause all updates…

  3. Martin L. says:

    KB4517211 – I also had exactly the same problem – all printers disabled. After uninstalling KB4517211 all printer were available again.

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  5. Oliver from Germany says:

    KB4517211 – Same problem here. I couldn't print certain PDFs, so that I had to deinstall this patch to go back to the previous version.
    This patch may fix some issues but stops the my printing functionality.

  6. Baxter says:

    Ditto…can't print. And worse, any (attempted) print activity crashes Firefox, Excel, etc.

  7. Brook Harste says:

    Getting calls to our helpdesk from our users this morning. we rolled out the update over the weekend.
    Can't print to Ricoh and HP printers.

    • Rich says:

      Are issues is with part of the update, Security Patch 4522015, which seems to affect USB, attached HP Printers, Network printing was fine. Our Dells are fine with their Mode V3 drivers but the HP Mode V4 Drivers crash the printer spool. Installing and pointing the printer to a UPD (Universal Printer Driver), HP V5.9 in our case, resolved the issue while leaving the security patch installed.

  8. EP says:

    Microsoft has just released a new set of out-of-band updates today 10/3 like KB4524147, KB4524148, KB4524149, etc. along with the IE update KB4524135, which should fix the printing problems some people may have.

  9. Andy says:

    KB4522015 also breaks enabling RSAT tools installation. Uninstalling KB4522015 allows RSAT tools to install again.

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