Windows 10 V1903: Update KB4517389 causes issues with Intel Graphics Driver

[German]Cumulative update KB4517389 for Windows 10 Version 1903, released on October 8, 2019, also contains an updated Intel Display Driver Version However, this causes display issues on various systems.


Update KB4517389 for Windows 10 Version 1903

Cumulative security update KB4517389 was released on October 8, 2019 for Windows 10 Version 1903 and Windows Server Version 1903. I reported about it in the blog post Patchday Windows 10-Updates (October 8, 2019). The support post states that this cumulative update is intended to improve security for Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. There are also some other fixes described in the support article.

However, KB4517389 s also responsible for malfunctions in Windows 10 version 1903 (start menu and shell problems, Edge no longer starting). There are some blog posts about bugs that are triggered by this update (possibly as a consequential bug) (see the article list at the end of the post).

KB4517389 contains an updated Intel graphics driver

Microsoft Answers forum contains this post, where a user points out some issues with update KB4517389.

Microsoft Update: October 8, 2019—KB4517389 (OS Build 18362.418): Intel Display Driver:

October 8, 2019—KB4517389 (OS Build 18362.418) contains an Intel Display Driver Update: which causes display issues as documented below. Rolling back the driver corrects the problem as documented below.

This update installs the Intel Display Driver Update: Here are the driver properties of the Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver.

Intel Display Driver Update: (Source: MS Answers)


However, this driver causes massive display problems on different machines. If you roll back to the previous graphics driver (Intel Display Driver of January 2019) on the Driver tab, the errors are gone.

Here you may have to download wushowhide.diagcab and block the reinstallation of the driver/update.

Rendering issues with the new Intel graphics driver

Within the thread the affected user posted the following screenshot with the rendereing issues caused by the driver

(Source: MS Answers)

The icons from the above screenshot are overlaid with an X. If you roll back to the Intel Display Driver of January 2019, the errors are gone (see following figure).

Korrekte Anzeige
(Source: MS Answers)

A user wrote that he found several display/rendering errors on several HP ProBook 450 G6 machines with Intel UHD 620 graphics chips. This includes:

  • Triangular images in Word
  • Chrome browser, which turns black, also in the settings
  • Crosses in Internet Explorer

As soon as the update is uninstalled, these display errors are gone again. These errors will be confirmed by other users in the course of the forum thread. A user writes that he could only fix 2 out of 10 affected machines via driver rollback.

Chrome rendering error
(Chrome rendering error, Source:

At there is this tread with the above photo showing Google Chrome with rendering errors. Also on Twitter are reports about such isseus.

HP-Update-Assistant should fix it

At the same error is pointed out here. A user wrote in the comment section of this article:

Most of the reddit instances seem to be HP machines, and solved by a more recent update via HP Support Assistant.

I updated 20 days ago from Intel DCH display driver version (not HP) to and an included fix was for "Minor graphical anomalies may be observed when opening Microsoft Store or Windows 10 start menu."

The persons were able to solve the issue with a driver update by the HP Support Assistant. The user states that he had a newer driver installed before the update, which according to the description is supposed to fix minor graphical anomalies (see also this post from user EP on the topic). Maybe it will help you. Any of you affected?

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3 Responses to Windows 10 V1903: Update KB4517389 causes issues with Intel Graphics Driver

  1. Matteo Businaro says:

    Got Chrome rendering error as described
    I had the same problems with the laptop in question.
    – I downloaded
    -I unpacked igfx_win10_100.7212
    -I removed the graphics card from the device manager.
    – Started the Laptop

    again from device management I installed the new igfx_win10_100.7212 driver

    Works well.

  2. Pierre says:

    Since a week I have several laptops with this issue. It concerns a 450 G3 as well as a 430 G6. I have tried a roll back which wasn't possible on one of them. Uninstalling the Windows update didn't change anything as well as using the HP assistant. There was only one thing that "solved" the issue. In device management I switched the video card off.

  3. pierre says:

    Today I noticed that a new driver solved the issue. If you are being confronted wth a non-validated error from hp, please go to

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