Microsoft Introduces Secured Core PCs w. Firmware Protection

[German]Microsoft has introduced a new development, the Secured Core PCs with additional protection against firmware attacks. This standard was defined together with OEM vendors.


I became aware of the new development via the following tweet from Dave Weston (Microsoft).

The details can be found in this Microsoft blog post – articles can also be found on or Bleeping Computer, for example.

In short: Secured core PCs are devices that use a number of security technologies to prevent attacks at the firmware level. Microsoft wants to integrate software-based protection for operating systems and associated services. This step became necessary because the vulnerabilities targeting firmware have increased sharply in recent years – from only 6 in 2016 to over 400 in 2017. Secured core PCs addressing enterprises in a high secure environment and are available from a variety of hardware manufacturers. These also include the new Surface Pro X for Business.

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