Security Baseline recommendations for Office 365 Pro Plus

[German]Brief information for administrators responsible for deploying and securing Office 365 in enterprise environments. Microsoft has now added a Security Baseline for Office 365 Pro Plus and published a Techcommunity article about it.


The Security Baseline Recommendations for Office 365 Pro Plus (1908 version) are available in this Microsoft document as of September 24, 2019. Now there is a small addition, which I became aware via Oliver Kieselbach and his following tweet.

Microsoft this week published the Techcommunity article Security Baseline recommendations now available in Office Cloud Policy Service. To make it easy to identify security baseline policies, a new column called “Recommendation” has been added to the policy table. If a policy is recommended as a security baseline, it will be marked as such in this column.  Users can also use the column filter to restrict the view to policies that are marked as security baselines. Maybe it might help some Office 365 administrators.


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