Windows 10: PowerToys get QuickLauncher

[German]The PowerToy team is working on a tool called QuickLauncher for Windows 10, which shall allow apps and applications to launch faster on Windows 10 in future.


PowerToys were free programs under Windows 95/98, with which certain Windows features could be optimized or adapted. Inspired by the PowerToys project under Windows 95, some developers dared to restart. The intended was to give power users the ability to get more efficiency out of the Windows 10 shell and customize it for individual workflows. The announcement tool place at the beginning of May 2019 (Windows 10: PowerToys will come as Open Source). More information can be found in the articles linked at the end of this blog.

Windows 10 PowerToy Quick Launcher

A few hours ago I became aware of this project (which is currently an announcement) via the following tweet from Bleeping Computer


Microsoft program manager Jessica Yuwono presents the PowerLauncher and design considerations for this tool in a GitHub entry (new deleted). "The PowerToys are targeted primarily at Windows power users, although it is available for users who want to use Windows in a more efficient and productive way," writes Jessica Yuwono.


The PowerLauncher is designed to replace options already available for launching applications on the Windows platform. This includes third-party launchers such as Launchy, Listary, Executor and Wox, as well as built-in Windows options such as using the Win+R shortcut, Windows search using the Win+S shortcut and the search bar. Here is a screenshot with one of the options.

PowerLauncher will be available for Windows 10 users only when it is released. The goal: It "should be faster than Start Menu/Win+S to display search results and launch applications". Users should also be able to open PowerLauncher with Win+space, similar to how MacOS users can open Spotlight with CMD+Space. In addition, users should be able to override the Win+R or Win+S shortcut keys, allowing users to replace the default behavior of these key combinations in Windows. For details on the ideas, see the linked GitHub article and the Bleeping Computer article. It will probably take a few more days before the tool is released.

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