Windows 10: Installation issues with Update KB4528760 due to missing Connect-App?

[German]Cumulative update KB4528760 for Windows 10 version 190x causes installation problems for some users. It is believed that uninstalling the Connect app included with Windows 10 may be the cause.


Update KB4528760 for Windows 10 Version 190x

Cumulative update KB4528760 was released on January 14, 2020 for Windows 10 version 1903 and version 1909 (see Patchday Windows 10-Updates (January 14, 2020)). Microsoft says, that this update contains a number of fixes for unspecified bugs, and important security patches are also included.

However, this update is somehow problematic. I had already reported about a specific error in the blog post Windows 10 V1909: Update KB4528760 drops error 0x800F081F. But Microsoft still claims that there are no known problems with this update.

Update KB4528760 fails with errors

There is this thread in Microsoft Answers forum, where users complain about installation errors 0x800f0831 and 0x800f0988. The error 0x80073701 reported in the thread is due to a problem in WinSxS (ERROR_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING).

There is another user in the thread who complains about a BlueScreen (system_service_exceptio), 10 minutes after system startup due to this update. In the Feedback Hub there are also references to a BlueScreen and probably also messages about the error 0xc000000e during installation. Also a manual installation of the update probably fails in all cases.

Is the Microsoft Connect app to blame?

MS-Power User has taken up the topic in this article and suspects the Microsoft Connect app as the deeper cause. On someone reported the installation error 0x800f0982. There, another user reported that he believes the problem is related to uninstalling the Microsoft Connect app.


Windows Latest writes here, that many users with update installation problems uninstalled the Connect app before. Then after MSPU and Windows Latest only a new installation of Windows 10 version 190x remains. Any of you who are affected and can confirm this?

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4 Responses to Windows 10: Installation issues with Update KB4528760 due to missing Connect-App?

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  2. Richard Barned says:

    On Jan 9 2020, my Reliability Monitor Report indicates that update 1903 failed on installation but on Jan 17, update 1909 was successfully installed. Is it necessary to go back and try to install update 1903?

    This was preceded by something buggering up windows in late December. I had made no changes at that time. Yet around the 9th of Jan, I let the the next update be installed and my Windows returned to normal. Yet that was about the time that there was an update 1903 , that the Reliability Monitor Reports indicates that it failed to install.

  3. GARNIER alain says:

    i have issue too with KB 4528760: big connexion problèmes, its all sucked !

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