Microsoft Security Advisory Notification für Edge (7.2.2020)

[German]Microsoft has published a security advisory for its Chromium-based Edge Browser as of 7.2.2020. In the browser some vulnerabilities rated as High or even Critical have been closed.


Title: Microsoft Security Advisory Notification
Issued: February 7, 2020

Security Advisories Released or Updated on February 7, 2020

* Microsoft Security Advisory ADV200002

ADV200002 | Chromium Security Updates for Microsoft Edge based on Chromium
– Reason for Revision: Updated advisory to announce a new version of Microsoft Edge
   (Chromium-based). Please see the table for more information.
– Originally posted: January 28, 2020
– Updated: February 7, 2020
– Version: 2.0

The Microsoft Security Portal report ADV200002 | Chromium Security Updates for Microsoft Edge based on Chromium says, that Microsoft released a new version 80.0.361.48 of Edge on February 7, 2020 that addresses the following vulnerabilities:

Microsoft Edge Version: 80.0.361.48
Date Released: 2/7/2020
Based on Chromium Version: 80.0.3987.87
Chrome Releases Blog
Highest Severity Fix in Release: High


CVEs: CVE-2020-6381, CVE-2020-6382, CVE-2019-18197, CVE-2019-19926, CVE-2020-6385, CVE-2019-19880, CVE-2019-19925, CVE-2020-6387, CVE-2020-6388, CVE-2020-6389, CVE-2020-6390, CVE-2020-6391, CVE-2020-6392, CVE-2020-6393, CVE-2020-6394, CVE-2020-6395, CVE-2020-6396, CVE-2020-6397, CVE-2020-6398, CVE-2020-6399, CVE-2020-6400, CVE-2020-6401, CVE-2020-6402, CVE-2020-6404, CVE-2020-6405, CVE-2020-6406, CVE-2019-19923, CVE-2020-6408, CVE-2020-6409, CVE-2020-6410, CVE-2020-6411, CVE-2020-6412, CVE-2020-6413, CVE-2020-6414, CVE-2020-6415, CVE-2020-6416, CVE-2020-6417

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