Firefox 73.0 and 68.5.0esr released

Mozilla[German]Mozilla's developers have just released (February 11, 2020) version 73.0 and version and 68.5.0esr of the Firefox browser. It seems to be a new major version 73 for the browser and a maintenance update for the long-term version (ESR). Blog reader Ralf has already mentioned it in this comment (thanks for that).


Firefox 73.0

According to the release notes, this is a new major version of Firefox 73.0, which includes two new features that help users to view and read website content more easily and quickly.

  • Firefox does offer a page zoom function so that the user can set the zoom level for each individual website. If you need to adjust the zoom for all pages at once, Firefox 73 now offers the new global default zoom setting. This option is available in about:preferences under "Language and appearance" and can be scaled up or down from 100% as required. The value sets the default zoom level for all websites. Per-tab zoom is still available, allowing a user to make adjustments to individual web pages as needed.
  • Many visually impaired users rely on the high contrast mode of Windows to make websites easier to read. To improve the readability of text, Firefox has traditionally disabled background images when high-contrast mode is enabled. With today's version of Firefox 73, developers are introducing a "readable backplate" solution, where a block in the background color is placed between text and background image. This should make websites more readable in high contrast mode without having to deactivate background images.

In addition, the WebRender  is introduced on laptops with Nvidia graphics cards with drivers newer than 432.00 and screen sizes smaller than 1920×1200. The developers have also improved the audio quality when playing audio at a faster or slower speed.

And Firefox now prompts users to save credentials only when a field in a login form has been changed. In addition, Firefox 73.0 has closed the vulnerabilities described on this page

The new Firefox is also available for download here for various platforms. Alternatively you can download the browser via FTP.

Firefox 68.5.0esr

According to the release notes, the maintenance update of Firefox 68.5.0esr only contains the vulnerabilities described on this page. The browser can be downloaded via FTP.


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2 Responses to Firefox 73.0 and 68.5.0esr released

  1. EP says:

    Firefox 73.0.1 recently released:

    fixes an FF73 crash on Windows systems when using either 0patch or G DATA along with Firefox

    • guenni says:

      Thx, I've seen it on a German site and also a German blog reader dropped a comment. Need a little time to relax – Thuesday I have Physiotherapy threatment – then I'm a bit groggy (late consequences of my serious sports accident with cervical spine injury). Blog post will follow in a few hours.

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