Microsoft Edge roadmap February 2020 and beyond

Edge[German]Microsoft has recently published its views on the further development of the Microsoft Edge browser. It's a document that consists of a hotchpotch of user feedback, but can be interpreted as a roadmap of what Microsoft intend to do in the future.


The list of user feedback has been published on February 11, 2020 as Top Feedback Summary for February 11 in the Techcommunity. Within this list, Microsoft has identified topics, that will be addressed in February 2020. Looking through the list of the top Feedback Summary, there are two relevant things planned for February 2020. First, one of the upcoming updates will enable synchronization between devices and fix bugs in the favorites management and synchronization.

The announcement that a photo can be set as background for new tabs is something I wouldn't necessarily consider as a killer feature. And there is the promise to better handle links on more than one profile. Other topics will probably addressed beyond February 2020.

Port for Linux and bug fixes are coming

If you go through the list in the above article, you will find another hint that a port of the Edge to Linux is planned. But details are missing. Further plans concern the improved support for PDF documents, where a read-aloud function or the navigation in PDF tables of contents should be added.

However, I could not find anything about the problem I described in the article Chromium Edge: Issues with User data directory. At least the Edge is probably causing a 2 finger touchpad scroll issue is mentioned again and a remedy is promised.

Within this Microsoft article, a speed optimization of maximum 13% is promised, as soon as new optimizations in the 64-bit version of the Edge on Windows 10 take effect. But let's see, what Microsoft has in store for the Edge in the future.


Addendum: Microsoft does not want to implement a login to Google Accounts. And Woody Leonhard points out here that the search field cannot be hidden and that Bing is fixed as a search engine.

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