Chromium v80: Blurred font in ‘Save as’?

[German]Short question to people who are currently using the Google Chrome 80 or a chromium clone: Is there currently blurred text in dialog boxes in dialog boxes like Save As under Windows 10?


The colleagues from German have discussed this issue here. In the dialog boxes Open and Save As texts are displayed in blurred font. Condition is a scaling to 125 % and a Chromium browser in version 80. And according to my observation, this only happens under Windows 10.

Confirmation in the Chrome forum

In the Chrome forum there is an entry from February 8, 2020 which describes the same effect.

Google Chrome “Save As” dialog box image quality changed to POOR today — pixels blurred, 2/8/2020

So this just happened, and I noticed the change in the dialog box right away since I always save files (docs, pdfs) via my Chrome browser, but now this “Save As” dialog box completely changed in image quality for the worse. What I mean is that pixels, the writing, everything on this dialog box is more BLURRED. I already did initial troubleshooting such as uninstalling-reinstalling Chrome, and Clearing Up Browser Settings for possible Malware, but nothing helped. Does anyone know what’s going on? Please help.

There the error is also confirmed by other users. This should also occur under the Edge Browser. Currently I can’t adjust for Google Chrome version 80.0.3987.106 under Windows 7. It may be limited to Windows 10.

Workaround until the fix arrives

According to this is a bug that should appear in all Chromium 80 versions. On it is suggested that people affected should go to the properties page of the browser shortcut. There you can click on the Compatibility tab and select the button Change High DPI Settings. In the new dialog box the option Override behaviour at high DPI scaling should be checked. Then close the windows. Now the font display should be clearer. Any of you affected?

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