Azure & Xbox Live outage?

[German]Currently there seem to be issues or a failure with Microsoft Azure, at least in the USA. The Xbox Live service is also affected by this – and this in times of Coronavirus, where people are supposed to stay at home.


I became aware of this topic by the following tweet from Rafael Rivera. The Xbox Support confirms that users reported login problems.

According to a follow-up tweet, there is a problem with Azure in the USA, and SQL instances in the cloud are also down. Could be the reason for the problems with Xbox Live.

The Azure status page confirms the issues:


ervice availability issue in West Central US – Investigating

SUMMARY OF IMPACT: Starting at approximately 20:30 UTC on 15 Mar 2020, a subset of customers in West Central US may experience issues connecting to resources hosted in this region.

CURRENT STATUS: Engineers are aware of this issue and are actively investigating. The next update will be provided in 60 minutes or as events warrant.

This message was last updated at 21:38 UTC on 15 March 2020

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