ConfigMgr ‘House-Keeping’ Collections

[German]Today a small article with a tip for administrators who use ConfigMgr for update management of Windows machines. It is about the organization and troubleshooting of SCCM collections.


SCCM and ConfigMgr

The System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) enables the centralized management of hardware and software within a company. Since version 1910, the SCCM has been renamed Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ECM). This is a combination of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) and Microsoft Intune. In ECM, macOS is also supported. On this Microsoft page you can find resources about the ConfigMgr and Microsoft has also created a blog page for articles about the Configuration Manager.  

ConfigMgr 'House-Keeping': Collections

On Twitter you can find numerous entries about ConfigMgr under the hash tag  #configmgr. In the following tweet I found a new entry about the administration and optimization (house-keeping) of ConfigMgr. i

Matt Balzan is a Microsoft PFE (Premiere Field Engineer) on the Windows and Devices team in the UK. He has recently published a blog post SCCM: Housekeeping Collections in n the Microsoft Techcommunity.

Collections are groupings of users and devices. Collections are also used for tasks such as managing applications, providing compliance settings, and installing software updates. Collections can also be used to manage client settings groups. Microsoft has posted this article on the Support page.  

The article from Matt Balzan discusses collections and shows how to manage collections and troubleshoot errors that affect your site's performance. This article might be of interest to administrators in the SCCM environment.


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