Support extension for further Microsoft (Server) products

Windows Update[German]On April 14, 2020, Microsoft announced a support extension beyond the previous end of life date for additional products such as Sharepoint Server 2010, Windows Server 1809, Configuration Manager and Dynamics 365 due to the Corona crisis.


Regarding Windows 10 version 1709 Enterprise and Eduction, Microsoft had already announced in mid-May 2020 that it would extend support until October 2020 (see Windows 10 Version 1709: Support extended till October 2020). Furthermore, it was announced on April 14, 2020 (compared to earlier announcements) that support for Windows 10 version 1809 Home and Pro would be extended until November 10, 2020. At the same time, the rollout of the function update to version 1903/1909 is stopped. I had mentioned this in the blog post Support extension for Windows 10 V1809 until Nov. 2020. But Microsoft grants a support extension for other business products, as you can see in KB article 4557164.

Windows Server Version 1809 (Datacenter, Standard)

For Windows Server Version 1809 in the Standard and Datacenter variants, support with updates would have expired by default on May 12, 2020. Microsoft is now extending its support with updates until November 10, 2020, which means that the products will no longer receive updates until December 2020, at which time they would have to be updated to a new version.

Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager version 1810 (current branch) would have been out of support by default on May 27, 2020. Microsoft has moved the end of support date for version 1810 from May 27, 2020 to December 1, 2020. The announcement can be found on the Microsoft Tech Community Blog.

SharePoint Server 2010/Project Server 2010

There is also a further extension for the products SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Project Server 2010. The previous End of Support date of October 13, 2020 will be postponed by another 6 months to April 13, 2021. Details can be found in the SharePoint Tech Community Blog.

Dynamics 365

There is also a support extension for Dynamics 365 cloud services. The end of support for the legacy web clients of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has been postponed by two months to December 2020. In addition, Microsoft is providing Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Commerce customers with a simplified process to pause product updates for an extended period of time. For more information, visit the Business Applications blog.


I already informed about other support extensions or postponement of various measures like switching off Basic Authentication in Exchange Online, or changes in LDAP in separate blog posts. 

It should be noted that the situation may change at any time, depending on the further course of the Corona crisis. For products not mentioned above, the End of Life date or the end of support will not change. The End of Support date for connectivity of Exchange Server 2010, Office 2010, Project 2010, Office 2016 for Mac, and Office 2013 with Office 365 services remains unchanged. For details, see the Microsoft Office 2010 End of Support blog and the Project 2010 End of Support Roadmap post.

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