Windows 10: Issues with Update KB4549951?

[German]Currently, there are a lot of reports from users about issues that occur in connection with update KB4549951 on Windows 10 version 1903 or version 1909. Here is a short overview.


Update KB4549951 for Windows 10 Version 190x

Cumulative Update KB4549951 was already released on April 14, 2020 and raises the OS build to 18362.778 (Windows 10 V1903) and 18363.778 (Windows 10 V1909). The update is available for Windows 10 version 1903, for Windows 10 version 1909, and for Windows Server version 1903 and Windows Server version 1909.

The cumulative update includes quality improvements but does not include new operating system features. In the blog post Patchday: Windows 10 Updates (April 14, 2020) I have listed the list of improvements and fixes. Microsoft states that there are no known issues related to the update.

Addendum: Since a few days the support article KB4549951 has been extended by the following.

We have seen social media reports related to KB4549951 that mention Bluetooth, a stop error with a blue screen, and other related issues.

Microsoft writes that in the social media one has read reports about BlueScreens, Bluetooth problems or other errors. Redmond also writes that 'to this day' these problems have not been seen in telemetry, support data or customer feedback channels. The messages are being investigated and closely monitored, but nothing can be confirmed at this time.

Reports about issues with update KB4549951

I had already briefly mentioned in the blog post April 2020 Patchday: Review and issues that some people run into installation errors, or that a temporary user profile is used after an update installation. There is also a note about possible printer problems in connection with update KB4549951.


In the German comments to the blog post April 2020 Patchday-Nachlese there are some BlueScreens mentioned in connection with the update. However, they seem to appear only sporadically and were gone after several restarts. If you search the Microsoft Answers forum for update KB4549951 issues, there are a number of hits.

Bleeping Computer has  picked up a few isolated hits in this article. In particular, installation errors (I already mentioned within my old blog post April 2020 Patchday: Review and issues) seem to plague a number of users. BlueScreens were also reported, but they were gone after the automatic uninstallation of the update. Bleeping Computer's article still lists some additional issues like non-booting systems or freezing systems during streaming. However, I have not seen a accumulation of any particular error pattern indicating a problem with the update package.

Woody Leonhard has also taken up the matter in a ComputerWorld article and refers to this article in the above tweet. Also there it becomes clear that there is no certain pattern of errors. Hence my question: Is anyone affected by problems in connection with update KB4549951?

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10 replies on “Windows 10: Issues with Update KB4549951?”

  1. This was genuinely an issue for me for the past few days, and patch was actually installed weeks back without issue. Started while in games, and slowly getting more frequent and randomly which makes me suspect it was my hardware. until i tried swapping out rams, graphic card, reset bios, etc. nothing works, until i uninstall this bloody patch. Most times it would freeze with blank screen while screen transits to desktop or other scene. Uninstall this patch and everything works perfectly now even in games. :/

  2. When installed, KB4549951 resets my computer back to "like new". AutoCAD and all other programs require registration as though this is the first time they've been opened, desktop is original Microsoft graphic, and all icons are rearranged.

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  4. I have been getting blue screens with this update and 4550951. I have found the trigger, though. I use a laptop with an external monitor in extended desktop mode. If I close the lid of the laptop, the error occurs. Also if no monitor is connected and I close the lid partially but to the point where the integrated screen turns off. I don't fully close it, open it again, bam! blue screen.
    I must mention I have the laptop configured so that it never sleeps, turns off or hibernate when the lid is closed. I have it connected to the AC adapter and the battery is fully charged but it's degraded so if I take the adapter off, the battery lasts only half an hour. I don't think it's related but mention it for background info.

  5. I'm having printer problems with KB4549951, the shared printer just stop working and remais inaccessbible from another newtwork computers, all Windows 10 computers start showing a messagem that the printer needs a new driver and the problem solves only if I uninstall this KB. I tried some online workaround but none seems to work to me.

    • you will need to use wushowhide.diagcab tool from MS support article 3073930 to hide/block the KB4549951 or newer update from being re-installed by Win10 v1909.

    • I'm not sure if the network printing issues are fixed with the recent KB4556799 update for 1903/1909.
      if not, maybe remove any recent 1909 updates and install KB4554364 update as I did not encounter any network print issues with that specific update

  6. I wonder if some of the issues/problems with the KB4549951 update are fixed by manually installing the optional & newer KB4550945 update?

  7. I have the same issue. The wifi seems to have stopped working ever since the update was installed. I'm so fed up of Microsoft's lack of support and ability to fix such things.

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