Windows RT: Can’t access Microsoft accounts anymore

[German]It seems that users of Windows RT systems has to say goodbye to their devices. The Internet Explorer shipped with Windows RT / 8.1 as a browser no longer can be used to access Microsoft accounts. The browser is outdated.


Warnings that browser support is about to expire

Already in February 2020 a user in the US-Surface-Forum under Microsoft Answers complained that his Surface RT tablet with Windows 8.1 RT would soon be useless.

Surface RT Piece of useless ****!!

OK, so I have a Surface RT running windows 8.1. And I, like every other poor unfortunate 'Surface RT' owner/user, am being continually informed by numerous different web platforms that my browser is soon to become obsolete and so I need to change/update to a newer compatible browser!? Suggestions given for this are 'Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Opera', any of which I would be happy to use! Unfortunately, my 'Surface RT' doesn't seem to share my willingness for change!? In fact it flatly refuses to give any consideration for this required change!! Basically, it just keeps telling me that it won't run that App, or that App, or any **** App in the vast world of Apps that seem to be compatible with every other OS but this useless 'Surface RT' piece of ****!!! Therefore please explain how I am supposed to address this situation, in order for me to be able to continue using this 'Surface RT'!!?? And if you are going to inform me that it is not possible to update this system you had better include in your response a list of the computers that you will be replacing it with!!!!!!!!!

Already in February he received more and more warnings from websites that his browser would soon no longer be supported. A browser update was suggested – which is not possible with Windows RT/8.1. If you search the internet, more and more users complaining already in 2019 that Internet Explorer under Windows RT was hardly usable for surfing (crashes, the browser was reported as outdated etc.).

No more access to Microsoft accounts

Then a few hours ago I came across the following tweet from Zack Bowden, which outlines the problem. The Windows RT device owners can no longer access the Microsoft web page of their Microsoft account.

The user is informed that Internet Explorer in Windows RT no longer meets the minimum security requirements. The user should update the browser to continue accessing the information. The only problem is that there is no browser update for Windows RT/8.1. And this although Windows RT 8.1 should be supported until 2023.


Barb Bowman  states in this tweet, that for some people the Sidekick browser from the Microsoft Store still works when installed as an app on Windows RT 8.1. This is discussed in this Microsoft Answers forum thread.

In September 2019 there was an issue – an update disabled a certificate, so the browser did not work anymore. I had reported that in the blog post Surface RT/Surface 2: Update KB4516067 revokes certificates.

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  1. fsulli says:

    I believe Microsoft is in violation of states right to repair laws.
    Blocking access to apps and browser upgrades
    I have sent letters to Attorney generals office, office of consumer affairs I even asked a law firm if a class action suit is another alternative action to force Microsoft to add edge or other browers to surface store. We can't even access microsofts own web sites.

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