Operating System / Windows / Browser Share (May 2020)

[German]We have already mid-June 2020, so I would like to take a look at the current figures of desktop operating system distribution as of the end of May 2020. Furthermore, there is a look at the browser shares on the desktop.


In May I had not put any figures from April 2020 into a blog post about distribution. It was doubly exciting for me to see how the numbers look like at the end of May 2020.

Windows dominates the desktop

Looking at the latest figures from netmarketshare.com (to the end of May 2020), Windows still runs on 86.69% (March 2020: 89.21%) of desktop systems. Mac OS is running at 9.68% (March 2020: 8.94%), while Linux is jumping to 3.17% (March 1.36%). So (apart from Linux) there has been no real change in market share, Windows dominates the desktop, although it has lost a few percentage points.

Operating system share Desktop 5.2020
(Operating system share Desktop 5.2020, Source: Netmarketshare)

Desktop OS share by versions at a glance

In the analysis of the distribution by operating system version, the NetMarketShare for desktop operating systems website gives the following distribution for the end of May 2020:

  • Windows 10 comes to 57.83% (previous month 56.08%),
  • Windows 7 is at 24.28% (previous month 25.59%),
  • Windows 8.1 still comes to 3.04% (previous month 3.48%),
  • and macOS 10.14 comes to 2.46 % (previous month 2.62 %).

So Windows 10 has gained a little ground compared to April, the end of support for Windows 7 in January 2020 has hardly had any effect in May 2020. Windows 7 continues to run on almost every fourth desktop system.


Operating system shares Windows 3-2020, source: netmarketshare.com
(Operating system shares Windows 3-2020, source: netmarketshare.com)

I was somewhat surprised by the decline in macOS, which is already the 5th month in a row – but this may be due to statistical fluctuations. Linux does not actually appear in the above graphic. But what you can also state: The change from Windows 7 to Windows 10 did not take place in May 2020 either. People are sticking to the operating systems currently in use.

Browser share on the desktop

For the month of May, I would also like to take a look at the browser distribution on the desktop, because in January 2020, the Chromium Edge was introduced as an innovation. Among the browsers on desktop systems, Google Chrome is the undisputed leader with 69.81% (previous month 69.18%), followed by the Chromium Edge, which rises to second place with 7.86% (previous month 7.76%). Firefox has to be satisfied with 7.23 % (previous month 7.25 %). Internet Explorer comes in at 4.40% (previous month 5.18%). 

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