Google records every search and YouTube playback

[German]Brief information from the world of Google. The search engine giant records every search query and every video played for most users. However, the data is deleted after a certain time. In addition, you can view the data of your Google account yourself and also delete it.


I came across this topic over the following tweet. CNET has collected it in this article.

Google may collect far more personal information about its users than they can even imagine. The company records every search performed by users and every YouTube video viewed. It doesn't matter whether an iPhone or Android device is used. Google Maps logs the location of devices, the route used and the length of stay – even if you never open the app, according to CNET.

New accounts: Data deleted after 18 months

I'd heard it before. Starting in June, new Google Accounts will automatically delete private data after 18 months. This does not apply to old users who already have a Google account.

What is stored about me from Google?

If you want to know what Google keeps about you, you can check your Google Account at any time. To do so, log in to your Google Account and click on Privacy & Personalization.  The steps how to delete data within your Google Account may be read within the CNET article linked above.


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