Is Microsoft planning a ‘Windows 10 Cloud-PC’ for 2021?

[German]There is a new rumor that Microsoft could start as early as spring 2021 with something like a Windows 10 cloud PC. Possibly a counterpart to Google's Chrome OS devices? Or something more like a Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution?


It's no secret that Microsoft is heading towards the cloud and online subscription services. Microsoft Azure is an integral part of the corporate philosophy. And products such as Office or Windows are being enriched with more and more online functions that use the cloud. Office365 as a subscription model, Microsoft 365, the subscription model which marries Office 365 and Windows 10 and includes many cloud functions – these are all proof of this trend.

First ideas for the Windows 10 Cloud PC

US author Mary Foley found a job ad on the Internet that suggests something like what she writes in this ZDNet article. Here is a short excerpt from the ad before it disappears.

Microsoft's vision of Cloud PC is that it is the only M365 powered user compute experience delivered from azure and managed by Microsoft – at a flat per user price.  Microsoft Cloud PC is a strategic, new offering that is built on top of Windows Virtual Desktop to delivering Desktop as a Service. At its core, Cloud PC provides business customers a modern, elastic, cloud-based Windows experience and will allow organizations to stay current in a more simplistic and scalable manner. It has never been a more exciting time for us to start this initiative!

Microsoft is working internally on a virtualization service called "Cloud PC" based on Windows Virtual Desktop. The whole thing is therefore not aimed at end users or consumers, but at companies. And for this, they are looking for a program manager to work in the area of Windows, Office, Cloud-based management suite.

Foley writes about this: A cloud PC will not replace a locally installed Windows (and Office), at least not anytime soon. It will be an option for customers who want to use their own Windows PCs from Microsoft and/or other PC manufacturers basically like thin clients. They will use Windows, Office and possibly other software virtually provided by Microsoft.

Foley answers the question of when such a product will be available with 'could be in spring 2021'. Because Microsoft already has the infrastructure with its subscription models (Microsoft 365/Windows E3, E5). The Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) also aims in this direction. A few more assumptions can be read in Foley's article. Let's see which of them come true and how it all looks like at the end of the day.


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