Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.49 released

Edge[German]Microsoft issued a security advisory on July 30, 2020, which indicates the new security update for the Chromium Edge Browser to version 84.0.522.49. Addendum: And on 31.07.2020 there was a tweet with references to Edge crashes.


I had been expecting a security update of the chromium based Edge browser for days, because an update of the Chromium Browser had been released the days before.

Microsoft’s Security Advisory

In the security advisory dated July 30, 2020, Microsoft discloses only the following information:

Security Advisories Released or Updated on July 30, 2020

* Microsoft Security Advisory ADV200002

– ADV200002 | Chromium Security Updates for Microsoft Edge based on Chromium
– Reason for Revision: Updated advisory to announce a new version of Microsoft Edge
(Chromium-based). Please see the table for more information.
– Originally posted: January 28, 2020
– Updated: July 30, 2020
– Version: 18.0


Under ADV200002 there is then the information that the Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.49 is based on the Chromium browser 84.0.4147.105 and provides security updates. It closes the following vulnerabilities rated as high:

CVE-2020-6532, CVE-2020-6538, CVE-2020-6539, CVE-2020-6540, CVE-2020-6541

An immediate update is recommended for security reasons. And if the Edge constantly crashes while typing, turn off the search suggestions – see the following tweet.


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