Windows 10: Update KB4571756 causes an error in group policy editor

[German]I’ll take up the topic, which was raised by a blog reader, here. After September 2020 patchday and installing update KB4571756)the reader gets an error in the group policy editor that the SetProxyBehaviorForUpdateDetection element is not found – but under Windows 10 Home 2004 (32bit) – reported. But there is a simple solution, but with pitfalls.


German blog reader Dennis T. uses Windows 10 Home 2004 in a 32-bit version. The Home edition does not have a group policy editor (gpedit.msc) by default. But Dennis mentioned, that gpedit.msc can be installed without problems (see this article for instance).

Update KB4571756 raises an error in gpedit.msc

However, the blog reader noticed that installing the update KB4571756 from September 2020 causes him to get an error in the Group Policy Editor. The reader wrote:

after installing the cumulative Updates KB4571756 Win 10 Home 2004 (32bit) I got two popups with the following message when I started the group policy editor:

The policy element “SetProxyBehaviorForUpdateDetection” referenced in presentation “CorpWuURL” was not found. File C:\WINDOWS\PolicyDefinitions\WindowsUpdate.admx, row 393, column 13

So the group policy editor gpedit.msc has problems reading the required WindowsUpdate.admx. But the blog reader has also found a solution.

The solution of the problem

Blog reader Dennis has found a very simple solution to this problem. He writes about it in his solution:

The file “WindowsUpdate.adml” in “C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-DE” has as date 10.09.2020 14:09; but the “WindowsUpdate.admx” in “C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions” has as date 31.05.2020 04:13. This is where MS has been sloppy again, because the new file is located in the folder “C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions”:


with date of 09/10/2010 14:08 exists, but is not installed after C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions.

If I copy it to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions the GPEditor starts normally, but sfc /scannow shows this as an error and (repaired) copies the file from 31.05.20 back again. Then sfc /scannow runs through without errors, but the GPEditor starts again with the above error popups. It’s no big deal, but annoying! Maybe it’s helpful for one or the other.

It remains to be seen when Microsoft recognizes and fixes this. Thanks to Dennis for this hint and the description of the solution. Anyone else affected by this bug?


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