Outsch: Cellmate 'chastity lock cock-up' hackable – forever locked …

[German]A story that brings tears to your eyes. Security researchers have discovered that the Cellmate chastity lock for men is hackable. It can be closed by hackers forever, no way back. Eh man, have a bolt cutter…


Almost swept me out of my desk chair when I read the tweet from Pen Test Partners and their report an hour ago. I was theoretically familiar with the topic of 'chastity lock cock-up'. But I didn't know that such a thing is also available electronically as an IoT version and with an app (I guess I'm getting old).

Cellmate (chastitiy lock cock up) IoT-Hack
(Cellmate (chastitiy lock cock up) IoT-Hack)

No, it's not a carrot holder, but a chastity lock cock-up from the erotic toys section. Cellmate wanted to be particularly progressive and made this electronically controllable as an Internet of Things. Here are the 'highlights':

  • It is a chastity device of a special kind that has a Bluetooth (BLE) capable lock-up mechanism.
  • With an accompanying mobile device app, a partner gets control of the lock and can influence the wearer.

No matter how one stands to this topic, buyers or carriers should be able to use these devices safely and securely without the risk of sensitive personal data becoming public. Security researchers have therefore taken this toy and examined it for IT security (after security flaws in remotely controllable dildos became known, this is obvious). Then a hot story has come out, so to speak. The following video shows some details.

(Source: YouTube)


The security researchers discovered that an attacker can prevent the opening of the Bluetooth lock and permanently lock up the wearer of the chastity lock device. There is then no way to unlock the device. Only a good bolt cutter or an angle grinder will help to free the carrier. I see the guys from the fire department coming back from the 'emergency mission' with tears in their eyes.

In addition, the API of the IoT device was knitted in such a way that the location of the device, the password in plain text and other personal data could be accessed by third parties without requiring authentication. The following map shows location data of the devices in use – let me put it this way: From a marketing point of view, there are still many white spots to fill.

(Device locations)

In other words, virtually the full program in terms of security deficiencies. The security researchers wanted to report this to the manufacturer, but they didn't really succeed. While some defects were probably fixed, older devices remained vulnerable. Since the manufacturer is developing another device, which according to the security researchers causes even greater potential physical damage (an "internal" chastity device), they felt compelled to publish these results here. Details can be found in the security researchers' blog post. You never stop learning.

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