Windows 10 V2004: Clipboard issues after update KB4586781

[German]Brief information that I received through a blog reader. It has massive problems with the clipboard after installing the update KB4586781 for Windows 10 Version 2004. Is it a 'Cloud-Clipboard' flaw?


German blog reader contacted me by mail and reported massive problems after the last security update. Here his description:

Massive issues with the clipboard since the Windows update KB4586781

Good afternoon, Mr. Born,

since the update KB4586781 of my Windows 10-2004 installation on 11.11.2020 I have massive problems with the clipboard. In MS Access only about every 20th copy (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Ins) works, in Excel I constantly get the message "There is a problem with the clipboard".

Also in other applications the keyboard shortcuts for Copy usually do nothing at all. In Windows-Explorer, right-clicking on a file and then selecting "Copy" does not do anything until the 5th or 6th time. Before that, after "Copy", the menu item "Paste" is always grayed out when right-clicking on the target directory.

There are many reports about the error "There is a problem with the clipboard" in the internet, but I haven't found anything current regarding the above mentioned update. Frank S. thinks that other people might have the same problem, so I published it uncommented here.

Update KB4586781 for Windows 10 2004

Update KB4586781 was released on November 10, 2020 as a cumulative update for Windows 10 version 2004. In the highlights of the update you can find the note:

Updates to improve security when using Microsoft Office products.

It is possible that something has been broken and that this may have an effect on the interaction of the Windows clipboard with Office modules. My question: Did any of you experience such a problem?

Is it a 'Cloud-Clipboard' flaw?

German blog reader pointed out, that it may have something to do with the 'Cloud clipboard' feature, introduced in Windows 10, version 1809, (see the Wiki article from a MVP colleague). If the sever is overloaded, it may cause some clipboard flaws. The wiki article provides some hints, how to disable this features with GPOs or registry entries. There is also a Clipboard history settings entry to enable/disable Cloud clipboard (see here).


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