Fix for Microsoft Teams Performance Issues

[German]Is Microsoft Teams slow on your computer? Does it take endless to launch Teams? Does the CPU load and memory consumption in Microsoft Team sessions go to new heights? Welcome to the new Microsoft world. But there are workarounds that may help reduce these issues.


I see two things here. On the one hand, you see ads and blog posts about Microsoft teams every day. The product is praised to the skies. But I also notice how the Team Client has been build with some tools, is burdened with security issues and is a performance killer ('you need it as much as scabies'). Well, I currently don't need to talk to myself (although I've been in my home office for 27 years) or to confer with myself via teams. Nevertheless, I keep my eyes open when something helpful comes along, I'll put it in the blog.

Fix Microsoft Teams performance problems

Then I just saw something on Twitter. Thorsten has linked to a blog post where somebody investigated the two problems: high CPU usage and memory consumption and found some fixes for these annoying issues caused by Microsoft Teams.

Fix for Teams performance issues

John van Ooijen is a diligent team user, but found that he had been annoyed by the Teams behavior.  He noticed that his computer had been slowing down recently. Opening a team channel in Microsoft teams took ten seconds, and opening a chat conversation also sailed in this magnitude. Writing an e-mail in Outlook was faster, but called mails appeared on the screen with a delay.

The performance of Microsoft teams, however, was what disturbed the user the most. In the Task Manager, he noticed that CPU usage was high, and more than 1 GB of memory used by teams was no exception. And there is no way to limit the memory usage of Microsoft teams. User complaints about the performance of teams are frequent (see this post in the Techcommunity in summer 2019). But Microsoft has not yet identified this as an important issue to fix.


John van Ooijen then tried out various steps to reduce the CPU and memory consumtion of teams. These include disabling all Outlook Teams add-ins, disabling GPU support and clearing the team cache. If you are interested: John van Ooijen has described the individual steps of the outlined measures in detail in this article. Maybe something helps.

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  1. Ronald says:

    Deleting cache files worked for me, however, I needed to it recurrently so I created a task for this. The details here:

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