Windows 10 Updates KB5000802/KB5000808 causes BSOD when printing in win32kfull.sys – pulled?

[German]Beware, there are initial reports here on the blog that cumulative updates KB5000802 and KB5000808  from March 9, 2021 for Windows 10 (1909 – 20H2) is causing BlueScreen in win32kfull.sys when printing.


Update KB5000802/KB5000808 for Windows 10 1909 – 20H2

I covered a few hours ago the updates for Windows 10 and the Server pendants within my blog post Patchday: Windows 10-Updates (March 9, 2021). The description from Microsoft states that these update also fixes the vulnerability CVE-2021-1640. This vulnerability allows elevation of privilege related to print jobs submitted to "FILE:" ports. Microsoft patched around this vulnerability back in December 2020.

Microsoft states that after installing Windows update KB5000802 or KB5000808, dated March 9, 2021, print jobs that are in a pending state will remain in the error state before the print spooler service is restarted or the operating system is restarted. There is a tip to manually delete the affected print jobs, and resubmit them to the print queue when the print spooler service is online.

Are the updates already pulled?

In the comments to the Germany blog post Patchday: Windows 10-Updates (9. März 2021), users report that the update is not offered (anymore). 

The update described here has not yet been offered on my machine. [Still on] version 20H2 Build: 19042.844


Same for me. No KB5000802. Windows 10 version 20H2 remains on 19042.844!

are typical comments and a user asks if the update KB5000802 is already withdrawn. I did a quick search, but so far I haven't found anything – the KB article for KB5000802 doesn't know anything about it yet and the Microsoft Update Catalog also offers the update. 


In the TensForum I only found the notes that the update does not download or brings errors and the progress bar during the update installation no longer shows percentages. The colleagues from German site Deskmodder had pointed out a few days ago that Microsoft (as part of its product optimization) removed the percentages from the progress bar during update installation.

Blue Screens when printing in win32kfull.sys

Users of Windows 10 version 1909, 2004 or 20H2 should urgently activate the update delay for 7 days and I recommend that administrators in managed enterprise environments should not release the march 2021 updates like KB5000802 without extensive tests. I got massive feedback, that these updates are causing blue screens in win32kfull.sys during printing. Its reported for update KB5000802 (2004/20H2)as well for update KB5000808 (v1909). A workaround to test is to uninstall the printer driver and reinstall it, to solve the printing bsod issue. Here is the first message from my German blog.

We have the problem that after today's updates several W10 (1909,2004,20H2) – clients go into a BlueScreen when printing especially to Kyocera printers.

win32kfull.sys is probably reported in the BSOD.

Causing update KB5000802 + KB5000808
After Updateeinstallation and reinstallation of the printer brought then success.

Now there are now more and more users confirming that behavior in comments within my German blog. Another user reported that for a label printer.

After the 2021-3 update, a customer had bluescreens (win32kfull.sys) when trying to print on his label printers (Seagull brand). Other printers worked without problems. An update of the printer drivers was the solution.

Thanks to the commenters, maybe the information will help.

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16 Responses to Windows 10 Updates KB5000802/KB5000808 causes BSOD when printing in win32kfull.sys – pulled?

  1. Jiri Bergman says:

    same problem BSDO with win32kfull.sys with LabelPrint + Sato Printer

    • Martin Malec says:

      Confirmed on ALL our PC in shipments department – using SATO label printers to make package labels – Friday I physically replaced one PC by swapping SSD thinking the BSOD is caused by faulty hardware, today morning getting a call that the other PCs cannot print as well and are crashing the very moment printing is attempted.

      Now the entire shipments from the company is paralyzed as I uninstall that update, disabling temporarily further updates and looking for a serious hotfix ASAP.

  2. A Scott says:

    It seems that KB5000858 – the servicing stack update for W10 H2 AMD64 – has disappeared from Windows Update Catalog.

    I wonder if that is why the update is not offered?

    • Matt says:

      I have noticed a number of computers that have this update are completely slowed down to snails speed. Unable to uninstall it either.

  3. krzemien says:

    Definitely pulled out – was not offered it today but I got everything else installed instead on its own even though I've not asked for it…!

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  5. Chris says:

    Confirmed W10 Enterprise H2 64bit – Bluescreen printing on Kyoceras. On some machines only when printing with emulated Citrix printdriver – others also when printing in other apps (such as Word 2013). Have pulled and allowed both KBs (500802 and 500808) for uninstall via WSUS. Unfortunately KBs were already installed several machines :(
    Printers are installed on printserver and assigned via GPOs. So re-installing them on each and every machine is not an option. Hopefully, uninstalling the KBs will solve the problem.

    • guenni says:

      Here is a solution to problems with Kyocera printers (a German blog reader has posted it, I translated it as a service):

      Microsoft automatically installs the KX driver and so does the Kyocera installer.
      For newer printers, simply remove the KX driver and replace it with the PCL6 variant. The printer will then run immediately without problems, even with server-based printer queues.
      With older printers Kyocera offers only the universal printer driver, which I had not tested yet.
      Good luck

  6. EP says:

    KB5000802 is still being issued thru windows update on my dad's Toshiba laptop running Win10 home v2004 after doing a recent WU scan.

    so those KB5000802/KB5000808 updates for 1909/2004/20H2 have not been pulled completely

  7. Tino Schenk says:

    Also problems here.
    All kyocera drivers are infected, BSOD when printing.
    Dymo labelprinters do not print anything anymore, but NO BSOD with this driver.

  8. Michael Sacks says:

    I too have the printer issue with Kyocera printer. I reloaded windows yesterday and all was fine, but then it downloaded some updates, which were obviously the ones being quoted and this morning I can't print and my computer reboots automatically.

  9. Michael Sacks says:

    We upgraded the driver of the Kyocera printer, but that didn't do the trick then we removed the 802 upgrade that was installed yesterday and now all seems to work OK.

  10. David Clegg says:

    Same problem here in AU on two Pc's. Kyocera FS920 printer. Unable to uninstall the offending update.

  11. Granazhen says:

    Go and install-replace the Universal 3.3 version kyocera drivers. It will solve your problems for now. Close the printer first so it wont re-print on windows startup. The update can't be uninstalled on most pcs.

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