WSUS 3.0 SP2: No longer usable after October 31, 2021

Windows[German]Brief information for administrators who use a WSUS 3.0 Service Pack 2 to manage updates in corporate environments. This package can no longer be used to distribute updates after October 31, 2021, because synchronization will fail after that date.


After all, extended support for WSUS 3.0 SP2 already ended on January 14, 2020 – the date coincided with the end of support for Windows Server 2008 SP2 and Windows Server 2008 R2. However, it was still possible to synchronize and download updates from Microsoft with WSUS 3.0 SP2.

Now, Microsoft has discontinued WSUS 3.0 SP2 as of October 31, 2021. According to this tech community post, WSUS will no longer sync after that date.  The background: WSUS relies on several different components for secure communications. Microsoft is moving all endpoints to the more secure TLS 1.2 encryption protocol.

WSUS 3.0 SP2 does not support this newer protocol. Therefore, all organizations still using WSUS 3.0 SP2 must migrate to a currently supported version of WSUS by Oct. 31, 2021. (via)

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