Windows 10 SSU: Hurdles, bugs and new version KB5003974 (June 15, 2021)

Windows[German]I'm compiling some information for Windows 10 admins and supporters regarding Servicing Stack Updates (SSUs). There is a new Servicing Stack Update (SSU) KB5003974 dated June 15, 2021 for Windows 10 version 1909. In addition, the SSU dated June 8, 2021 is probably causing issues, and there is a pitfall with the SSUs integrated in LCUs in Windows 10 version 2004, 20H1.


Pitfall with SSU in Windows 10 V2004 – 21H1

Administrators of Windows 10 systems with version 2004, 20H1 and 21H1,  who selectively install cumulative updates need to watch out. I had already addressed it in the blog post Patchday: Windows 10-Updates (June 8, 2021). German blog reader Martin E. wrote within a email:

Important: A prerequisite for installation of the latest CU is an installed update KB5003173 from May 11, 2021. This was already the case with the May 2021 preview update – so the "cumulative" in updates for Windows 10 2004 to 21H1 is no more true for the foreseeable future.

Martin E. had already left the hint "is related to the integrated SSU". Because for the installation of further updates the SSU of May 2021 is required, these SSUs are probably not cumulative, I guess. Now German blog reader Dietmar has also addressed this issues in this comment:

The following happened: June 8, 2021-KB5003637 (OS Builds 19041.1052, 19042.1052, and 19043.1052), Prerequisite: you must install the May 11, 2021 update (KB5003173) before you install the latest cumulative update.

This is already questionable for a cumulative update. But the special treat is that in the metadata of the June update, the May update is superseded:

This update replaces the following updates: 2021-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5003173)

This means that all WSUS / ConfigMgr admins must be careful that the May update does not expire or declined. Otherwise a computer will be unpatchable in the future, if MSFT does not fix this bug and includes EVERYTHING in a future update.

You can download the update manually and distribute it in case of need. As far as I have noticed, it fails because of the built-in SSU. But Microsoft refuses to provide the SSU as an independent update for >=2004. Why they don't just include the necessary SSU in all LCUs, I don't understand.

Just for your information! Pay attention people …

Thanks to Dietmar for this additional hint – so the topic should have arrived for fellow readers here in the blog.

Trouble with network shares through SSU?

I have to put a question mark on it, as I haven't found anything yet in a quick search. On Facebook I got the following comment from Alexander W. in the Windows Server group:

The current update cost us 6 hours of time at the customer's site on Friday and on Monday there were two of us looking for update errors. The reason is the current servicing stack update from June. It is stupid that the update can not be uninstalled, not even a reset to the last restore point brought help. Effect of the update is no more access to network drives, as well as no start of Sage Officeline! Really well done again, dear Microsoft!

A second user has contacted me with the confirmation that the disconnected network drives have also been occurred to him. Unfortunately, I do not have any further information about which Windows versions are involved. Question: has anyone observed anything similar?


Another admin wrote in this group that on some clients, b(reproducible) after the June 2021 Windows 10 update, the KVM switches stopped working for him.

Later I received the information, that a Windows 10 feature update from 20H2 to 21H1 has fixed the issues.

New SSU KB5003974 for Windows 10 V1909

German blog reader Martin E. got in touch early this morning with info (thanks for that) that a new Servicing Stack Update (SSU) had been released overnight. To that end, Martin notes that this replaces SSU KB5003710 dated June 8, 2021 – so it suggests that there were issues. 

Das Servicing Stack Update KB5003974 dated June 15, 2021, is available for Windows 10 version 1909. The update is available for download from Microsoft Update Catalog. However, Microsoft does not provide any more details about what has really been changed. Martin E. notes: 

No real details why the new patch replaces the old one. The old files are mainly 10.05.2021, the one from last night 14.05.2021. Are also already 4 weeks old and only 4 days older than the old files of the 5003710. There one could have expected that these 4 days difference on the almost 4 weeks to the June Patch Tuesday are made up.

Since Martin systems that are updated to Windows 10 version 20H2, he no longer gets the SSUs offered separately – there are then the information that the cumulative update of May 2021 is required, from the above text to note.

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