Is Firefox 89/90 pulling again data from systems?

Mozilla[German]After Firefox has been updated several times over the past few weeks, there are indications that developers are starting to pull data from user systems again. Here is some information about this issue.


I had reported about the last update to Firefox 89.0.1 on June 18 in the post Firefox 89.0.1 released. There was already the following comment from blog reader Peter Seidel there:

Side note:
Firefox re-enables the option “Allow Firefox to run and install studies” when updating to a new version. Not always, but always unasked.

And with Firefox 90.0B9?

Blog reader Alfred Neumann contacted me by email the other day and wrote the following observation: 

Hello Günter!

I just went back to the profile folders of Firefox (90.0b9)
and noticed that since May it has created a data report for every single day. Although this is disabled in the settings.

There are 4 types of reports:

– 1622527528624.1f787fe9-7563-4c2b-b53b-243c78d768bc.modules.jsonlz4
– 1622527726672.4ac7065f-708d-4aad-8fc4-cf47ba0f11c5.event.jsonlz4
– 1622527726695.54a6efdd-25f2-4a6b-aeae-820982f191c7.main.jsonlz4


The datareporting folder in the profile is full of them. Whether these were sent now is unclear but alone the creation
I find already not OK, if in the settings this were deactivated.

Do you know there maybe more details?

To the last sentence I can only answer with no, but I have to say that I don’t care about the subtleties of Firefox in general and version 90.0B9 (developer version) in particular. If someone knows more, he can leave a comment.

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1 Response to Is Firefox 89/90 pulling again data from systems?

  1. P.D. says:

    No resetting here, prefs the same, no data reporting folders or files.

    Is it possible this was a glitch/gremlin that flipped that switch on updating?

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