Outlook Add-On for Microsoft Edge

Edge[German]Microsoft has an extension (add-on) for the Edge browser that allows access to various Outlook services (hotmail.com or outlook.com) such as Mail, Calendar, Teams, etc. directly in the browser.


I didn't catch that Microsoft released version 0.0.23 of the Microsoft Outlook Add-On on August 13, 2021. Yesterday I came across a tweet from Frank Carius (from German site MsXFAQ) on the subject.   

Microsoft Edge Outlook-Add-On

When users increasingly using the browser as a client to work with documents and apps in Sharepoint and Teams, they wan't so switch to Outlook to check mails or the calendar. Of course, there is OWA, but the Edge AddOn makes the Exchange Online mailbox with mails, appointments, contacts and tasks directly accessible from Edge.

Microsoft advertises the extension with: Send and receive emails, manage your calendar, tasks and more without opening a new tab. On the Microsoft Edge add-on page, the browser extension is available here and has probably already been downloaded by over 200,000 users.

Microsoft Edge Outlook-Add-On


The Microsoft Outlook browser extension offers users the ability to manage emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks from an icon in Microsoft Edge. This allows quick access to the Outlook work account or accounts at Outlook.com, Outlook.co.uk as well as Hotmail without switching to another tab or application. Microsoft lists the following features:

  – Access work or personal accounts
  – Read, send, and manage email and get new email notifications
  – Create events, view upcoming ones, and join online meetings
  – Create, track, and manage tasks
  – Manage contacts 

Great for doing all this without switching tabs or apps
  – Reading an important email
  – Checking your calendar
  – Adding a task based on what you're reading on the web
  – Fast look up of a contact's phone number
  – Referring to info on a webpage while writing an email

However, there is one important limitation: The add-on only works with Exchange Online, mailboxes on on-premises Exchange servers are left out. In addition, the extension is still in preview status, i.e. without support.

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