Fix for sporadic login error 0xC0070057 in Office apps and Teams

[German]Microsoft Office Apps (Office 365) and especially Teams occasionally cause the problem that the login fails with the error 0xC0070057 since about July 2021. The application in question, such as Microsoft Teams, can then no longer be used. Now there is at least a corresponding workaround that administrators can use to mitigate the problem.


Login Error 0xC0070057 in Teams/Office blog reader Denis K. emailed me at the end of August 2021 to point out the problem in connection with the Office apps. When logging in to an Office app (specifically Teams), it is denied with error 0xC0070057 if the password had previously been changed.

Office Error 0xC0070057

From this point on, the app, such as Microsoft Teams, can no longer be used. Uninstalling and installing the current Teams version or the affected Office app will not help. The problem is addressed in several forum threads on the web, and I had described in the blog post Office-Apps throw login error 0xC0070057 the details and ways to get app working again. Now there seems to be a workaround from Microsoft support for those affected.

Workarounds from Microsoft support

German blog reader Manuel got in touch because in his corporate environment he was probably able to solve the problem with the help of Microsoft support (thanks for the tip). I'll just post his information for the required registry entries here on the blog in brief.

Enable Office activation/login

To enable logon in Microsoft Office, navigate in the registry editor to the key:



Then add the following 3 DWORD values (all 32 bit) and set the entries to 1:


Then restart the login and verify that the behavior persists. This Duo help page discusses also some registry entries for the Microsoft Duo with regard to logon problems.  However, at this point I would like to point out this Microsoft post that does not recommend disabling ADAL or WAM to fix Office logon or activation issues – just so you know.

Enable Teams login

Regarding Teams sign-in, a more crude workaround is suggested: create a shortcut to Microsoft Teams and set Windows 8 compatibility mode there. When Teams is launched in Windows 8 compatibility mode, sign-in should be possible immediately. It looks like Microsoft has various problems with its products in connection with modern authentication methods.

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