Windows 11: Parallels 17.1 supports virtual TPM 2.0 on Mac

Windows[German]Microsoft does not support Windows 11 on Mac OS on their M1 processors and demands TPM 2.0 for virtual machines as well. Now the manufacturer Parallels has reacted and provides Parallels Desktop 17.1. This virtualization software also supports virtual TPM 2.0, so Windows 11 should be supported in this environment.


That's become public in Parallels' blog post Just Released – Parallels Desktop 17.1 Update Fully Supports macOS Monterey and Windows 11. Users of all editions of Parallels Desktop 17 (Standard, Pro & Business) will be able to run Windows 11 with vTPM support. The vTPM option is added by default to the guest OS to meet the minimum requirements of Windows 11. The vendor provided more details in its blog post on the specific requirements of running Windows 11 on Apple M1- or Intel-based Mac computers in virtual machines.

Effective immediately, Parallels Desktop 17.1 users can also install Parallels Tools in a macOS Monterey VM on Apple M1 Mac and use the built-in copy and paste feature between the VM and the primary macOS. It also increases the default virtual machine disk size from 32GB to 64GB. 

The blog post also states that the update adds support for VirGL in Virtio GPU. This enables Linux 3D acceleration on all supported Mac computers, brings visual performance improvements and enables the use of the Wayland protocol in Linux VMs. VirGL 3D graphics can be used by modern Linux VMs without installing Parallels Tools. However, Parallels recommends installing Parallels Tools anyway. (via)

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