Canon sued for disabling printer scan/fax function when ink is missing

Paragraph[German]A class action lawsuit has been filed in the USA against the device manufacturer Canon, which has come up with a very perfidious scam. If the multifunction devices run out of ink, operation is stopped. One user was so upset by this that he filed a lawsuit.


The plaintiff is David Leacraft, a buyer of Canon products, as Bleeping Computer writes here. The man had purchased a Pixma MG6320 printer from Canon, which is a multifunction device that also offers scanning and faxing as features. While using this Pixma MG6320 printer from Canon, however, the plaintiff was then surprised to discover that the "all-in-one" device refused to scan or fax documents when the printer ran out of ink.

This is perfidious, of course, since no ink is required for scanning or faxing. I myself use a Brother DCP 115 C inkjet printer with scanning capability in my office that has never seen an ink pack in its life. For me, back in the Vista/Windows 7 days, the Brother DCP 115 C was the fastest way to get a scan function – needed it for my books at the time – and Windows provided Brother WIA and printer drivers.

Anyway, Canon must have seen it differently and simply disabled all functions when there was no ink supply. The colleagues at Bleeping Computer point out that the problem has been known since at least 2016. Other customers had contacted Canon about exactly this problem (see here and here).

Canon Printer Multifunction Support

Customers were told by support staff that the ink cartridges must be installed and contain ink to use the printer's features, as evidenced by responses from Canon product support staff. Only scanning should still be possible without ink. The support even writes in some answers:


The PIXMA MX710 must have all ink tanks installed, and they must all contain ink. If you try to print without ink or with empty ink, you risk damaging the printer.

The class action lawsuit filed by David Leacraft against Canon states that he would not have purchased the device or paid as much for it if he had been aware that he needed ink in the device to scan documents. David Leacraft accuses the printer manufacturer Canon of misleading marketing and unjust enrichment – the manufacturer may be forcing customers to buy useless ink for the inkjet printers. This seems to be a problem in the industry, as the manufacturer HP is also known for its obscure measures to cheat customers with inkjet printers (see the following links).

The lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the Eastern District of New York and seeks compensation of at least $5,000,000, plus interest, fees and litigation costs.

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