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VMware Security Updates (12./14.3.2020)

[German]VMware has just received a security update for its virtualization products, including VMware Workstation Pro and Vmware Player. These updates address security vulnerabilities in the virtualization products. Advertising

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Docker for Windows collides with Razer Synapse driver tool

[German]A short note for Windows users who intend to experiment with Docker for Windows. There are conflicts with the Razer Synapse driver tool. Funny is the reason why the two programs fails to work together. Advertising

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VMware ESXi: Hosts crash during VM shutdown with PCI passthrough

[German]A brief note about an issue that may occurs with VMware ESXi virtualization solutions when PCI passthrough is used. Then the host may rashes when the virtual machines (guests) shut down. Advertising

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Virtualbox 5.2.12

Oracle released the virtualization software VirtualBox version 5.2.12 on May 9, 2018. This is a maintenance update which should fix some bugs. Advertising

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